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Mr. Russell Oakes is a well known English 12 teacher at Desert Oasis High School. He is entering his second year as a Diamondback and recalls his first thoughts when he came to this school were

“It is a large school,” Oakes said.

Oakes was afraid that he wouldn’t fit in with the crowd. He just wanted to feel like he belonged here.

“I want to give my personal best to each and every one of my students,” said by Oakes.

Trying to make teaching  stick with students beyond high school can sometimes be challenging, but Oakes has always had a plan for that.

“I’ll make sure students think critically, and don’t think they can just wing the school year away,” Oakes said. “Getting decent grades requires hard work, you have to work for where you want to be at. Teachers may give grades, but students earn those grade based on their performance.”

“What is it like“ teaching seniors? Teaching seniors can be hard for staff sometimes . Some seniors think they know it all , but in reality they still need guidance. Class of 2019 will soon be entering their adult lives for good. Where they end up is totally up to them . Teachers can only hope that what they teach will forever have an impact. Students have to take control of their lives.

” I like seniors , I get them and they get me.” We have an understanding of expectations, and goals. They’re young adults so they should act like it and get along with their peers in class. “Most students want a happy teacher, so as long as they do what they are suppose to do I’ll be happy”. I can tell that 2018-2019 will be an excellent and mesmerizing school year.

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Alarae' Malone, Writer

             Hello peps , My name is Alarae' Malone . I am a senior , so this will be my last year in journalism. I have always  enjoyed writing...


2 Responses to “The Oakster”

  1. Dylan on September 26th, 2018 8:41 am

    I really like the article and Mr. Oakes is an amazing teacher and i’m glad that someone can spread his charm.

  2. Alarae' Malone on September 26th, 2018 11:41 am

    Thank you , he is indeed a very amazing teacher.

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