New School, No Problem

Evelyn Garcia, Writer

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Everyone can agree that change is sometimes scary. It can however, be very exciting and bring many new adventures. Moving to a new school is something that happens to students all time. Changing schools after getting used to familiar faces can be a hard transition, it happens but, it can be a great experience.

One thing to always keep in mind during this transition is that it takes some time and patience to fully adjust to a new place with new people.

“Adjusting to a new school is hard at first but after a while it got easier,” said Selina Martinez, an 11th grader.

Trying to find your way around at a new school is one of the most confusing parts of adapting to the new environment.

“On the first day, all I could think about is if I was going to get lost and I did…many times,” stated  Leialani Nean, an 11th grader as well.

After students have a good amount of time to adjust, they start seeing all the good things that come with moving. They begin to fully see the pros that a fresh start has to offer.

“This change was for the best. I’m glad I decided to move. I was looking for a fresh new start and it’s going perfect,” said Neal.

Students already have opinions on what they enjoy most about the school now that they are used to everything.

“DO is a great school with many students, great teachers, and a lot of electives I really like it here,” said Martinez.

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