Team Apple or Samsung?

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Team Apple or Samsung?

Alarae' Malone, Writer

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Every year when a new IPhone or Galaxy comes out, the world goes into utter chaos. There’s a huge controversy about whether IPhones or Samsungs are superior to each other.

“IPhones are the best type of phone because it’s fast pace, it’s easier to operate, and also works better for school.” said Ms. Darjarun Thomas, the hall monitor. “It also offers apps to help with daily needs such as Apple Pay, Apple Watch and etc.” Ms. Thomas adds.

Apple has sold over 700 million IPhones. As of right now there is about 101 million IPhone users in the US . On average IPhone users download approximately 51 apps per minute, which comes out to 26,805,600 apps per year.

Jazzlyn Jones taking a picture on her IPhone.

“IPhones have been out for awhile now and I believe that their accessories are the best. They help me get through life one day at a time,” said Senior Jazzyln Jones, “It’s true that IPhones are a bit overpriced, but they offer great graphics and amazing camera quality.”

On the contrary, some people prefer Samsung because they’re more durable. It’s a known fact that Samsung batteries tend to last longer than Apple’s. Since Samsung has a removable battery, it affects the cooling time to be faster after causing the phone to not overheat as bad as Apple’s. Not to forget, Apple has removed the famous headphone jack causing a consumer uproar. Apple users are jealous of phones, Samsung to be specific, who do include the headphone jack because of this act.

James Yee-Pili prefers Samsung phones to Apple phones.

“Samsung is way better, because of the durability and memory space,” says Sophomore James Yee-Pili, “They have more ability than IPhones and they’re way cheaper.”

Now, it’s time for you to decide which is the best for you. It’s clear that IPhones are expensive, but the features that they offer are well loved. Samsung offers almost the same features; however, their price is cheaper. Are you Team Apple or Team Samsung?

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