The Oppression of the Possession

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The Oppression of the Possession

Sergio Portillo, 12.

Sergio Portillo, 12.

Sergio Portillo, 12.

Sergio Portillo, 12.

Ana Saia, Writer

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Whispers in the night and deep shadows that fill a room can corrupt the mind to believe that there is something lurking around in the corner. As a cold draft settles onto the skin and the light begins to morph into an ominous figure, one’s heart-beat escalates higher and higher. Most people would assume that this feeling is due to their eyes playing tricks on them, or would eventually regard this experience as nothing but a harmless nightmare. For others, however, they’re aware that there is an unexplainable presence. Sergio Portillo, senior, experienced more than just a feeling when he was possessed by a demonic spirit when he was younger.

“When I was five I lost my godmother and since she was the closest to me, her loss affected my life greatly,” said Portillo. When she died, he remembered being upset and mad with the people around him and eventually this took a toll on his health. Soon after, he had his first epileptic seizure which caused him to start seeing ghosts and spirits.

While he was spending the night at the hospital, he experienced his first paranormal experience. “I saw a man dressed in overalls staring back at me through the mirror of my room with a dark smile on his face,” stated Portillo. He knew it wasn’t the medications he was on because other hallucinations that he had didn’t give him an eerie, negative feeling afterwards. The person that he saw would constantly reappear to him every night in the hospital at precisely three in morning. Many times throughout the next 10 years, he would continue to see this man and experience paranormal activities such as glass floating from end of a shelf to another or other objects moving unexplainably.

“My possession happened when I was eight while I was spending the night at my dad’s house, and I was watching a horror movie with my younger sister,” said Portillo. His dad and older sister were out getting groceries. He decided to leave Portillo and his younger sister at home since he knew it wouldn’t take long. His sister had stepped out of the room to get food from downstairs, but was taking longer than he had expected. All at once, the air became icy cold and a grotesque odor came to be, as if a slaughterhouse scent filled the room. Portillo found this very unusual since he turned the heater on earlier in the day. He was trying to be calm because he knew his sister would return soon, but he was unaware that she later stepped outside to help her dad and other sister carry in the groceries.

While he waited, Portillo noticed something out of the corner of his eye. “As the streetlight made a deep orange tone throughout my room, I noticed something slowly emerge from the shadows, and I saw the man appear from my past incidents,” commented Portillo. All at once, his bed began to shake and recalls that a sinister smile crept upon the man’s face as he inched slowly closer towards the bed Portillo was laying on. Paralyzed in fear, Portillo couldn’t break away from the evil spirit. From the other depths of the room, several more spirits began to hover above Portillo’s body while chanting in a foreign language.

“The voices were straggled and they all appeared in dark cloaks with red upside down crosses lined with gold on their foreheads,” said Portillo. As this happened the atmosphere became so cold that he remembers seeing his breath. Eventually, the man who was dressed in overalls stood directly over Portillos body and fell through him. He immediately blacked out after this.

Portillo woke up three hours later at one in the morning. “My sisters and my dad crowded over me with a look of fear in their eyes as I slowly regained consciousness,” said Portillo. His dad informed him about the incident. He told him that he went into a seizure, but after he began to calm down, he suddenly stood up with his eyes rolled to the back of his head. According to his family they distinctly remember Portillo uttering “now I have control” in a deep, angry voice. He then turned to his siblings and said that he was going to do horrible things to them, things that made his dad turn on him.

“At first my dad thought I was lying, but as he tried to hold me down, I began to lift him. He’s a full grown man and I picked him as if he were a feather,” stated Portillo. His two sisters had to hold him down on one arm and his dad on the other to keep him stable. After a little while he finally stopped and was back to his old self again.

In the midst of his blackout, he knew only about where he believes his soul went.“It was as if my soul was in another realm. As if me and the evil man had switched places,” said Portillo. He was in the same structure of his house, but there was fire everywhere and big steel gates standing in front of him. Everytime he had a possession this was the place he went to.

This was another scar from when he stabbed himself while going through one of his episodes.

“I had around seven more episodes about six days apart from each other before going to see a priest about the situation,” commented Portillo. While at the church, the priest had confirmed that he had a demonic being inside himself. The priest told him that it was clutched onto his soul because he was weak and blamed God for taking away his godmother. The only way to get rid of the evil spirit was through an exorcism.

The day of his exorcism, Portillo began to act abnormal. “I remember not wanting to enter the church and I was getting more aggressive at everyone to somehow avoid it,” said Portillo. As the priest began to say the Santa Maria prayer, Portillo was thrashing and trying to get free. They had to handcuff him to the bed to avoid him from moving as much when the holy water got thrown on him. From Portillo’s attempts to escape from the handcuffs, he cut his wrists to the point that there are scars from the incident.

These are the scars of when he was going through his exorcism of the handcuffs tearing through his skin as he tried to escape.

“I always had a deep connection to the other side even as a kid, but after the possession and exorcism it got stronger,” stated Portillo. He continues to see things that most people can’t, and knows that there are always going to be non-believers. The other side can be difficult to understand, but that doesn’t mean that curiosity won’t prevent people from learning about it through the stories of others.

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