Halloween Night

Dylan Zanco, Student Submission

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It was Halloween night; kids were out trick or treating and teenagers were out scaring little kids like any regular Halloween. And there was this abandoned house on the corner of the street that was always regarded by the kids as a haunted house. It was older and was had been around before the regular suburban community was built; rumors had it that it had been haunted for fifty years. The story went that some kids once had gone into that house and never returned.

Local police then had searched the house, but not a trace of those boys had been found.

Ever since then, no one ventures into the house. Everyone in the town now is scared of the house, but recently some kids decided to go into it on Halloween night. These kids were both 13 and 12, so they were a little older than the reported children who had disappeared, but they knew what situation that they were going into.

Once entering the doorway of the house, they got this strange feeling like they were being watched, like they were being hunted by a wild animal. The kids continued though the main part of the house: gaudy–fake wall decorations and other cheap gaudy stuff. It didn’t seem all that odd to these pre-teenagers, but as they continued into the old house, they both got an odd feeling.

They continued on to the kitchen and saw similar things as were on the wall of the living room: they saw fake knives with fake blood, fake organs, and fake limbs. They continued past the kitchen and then noticed how truly big the old house actually was. They went upstairs and then went back down and began to continue past the kitchen all the way down to the basement.

There the feeling in their stomachs grew even more nauseous than when they had walked into the kitchen. As they walked down the old wooden stairs that creaked, they felt a wet, sticky feeling under their shoes and upon the socks of their lower ankles. With their free fingers, they felt what the liquid was. Then they tuned on a dangling light bulb that had been placed on the basement ceiling. It appeared to be blood, and it wasn’t fake.

They ran out of the basement, up to the living room, and then ran out towards the front door. It was locked. They turned to examine the room and we noticed a black shadow creature that didn’t look human; it was no costume. It was real. They got scared, so they just bolted out towards the back door. With the force with which they were running, they broke down the door and managed to escape.

They ran towards their houses. They ran inside and didn’t bother telling their parents in fear that they would just yell at them and saying that they were just imagining the whole situation. So they just kept it to themselves. They made it so they did not tell anyone.


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