The Reality of Growing Up with PTSD

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The Reality of Growing Up with PTSD

Tiffany Pugh, Writer

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As we roam through the halls, there’s those who suffer a tremendous amount of pain. It can follow along the lines of antisocial personality disorder, anxiety disorder, or in this case post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For the sake of the student, they will remain anonymous.

PTSD is a disorder that one may have when they can’t move on from a traumatizing event that’s happened to them. This student learned they were diagnosed with PTSD at the age of 7. They suffered from an incident from when witnessed their mother committing a suicide attempt. 

“I had this sickening feeling constantly, and later my doctor diagnosed me,” said by anonymous. 

When having a mental illness, it’s okay to have mental breakdowns. It could usually be yourself saying something isn’t right, and needing to let out some emotions in that moment. Eventually overcoming it can make you stronger.

“What happens is, I will start to feel like kind of something growing in my chest, and I know what it is. I just try to ignore it, but it will eventually grow bigger. It will get to the point where I can’t take it anymore, so tend to lock myself alone.” 

When they do have these mental breakdowns, they explained what they do to cope,“I tend to have a lot of twitches. I always fidget with myself, always do a lot of things that kind of like relieve stress. With PTSD I have a lot of stress, other than that there’s not much you can really do.” 

Though in situations where someone suffers a mental illness, they don’t make it usually known. “Just be courteous about things that you say. Let’s say in my perspective, if you crack a mom joke. Obviously someone might not come out and say something, but like notice people’s reactions.” If not aware, anonymous made it clear.

Overall, PTSD is a mental illness that people may not be wary of. Though PTSD is a mental illness that manifests differently in each person. Be more sensitive with the topics discuss. If you do believe you suffer a mental illness, consider the links and hotlines below for more additional help.




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