The Twilight of Vegas: Golden Knights

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The Twilight of Vegas: Golden Knights

Zoe Wright, Write

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As of June 22, 2016 our city welcomed, with open arms, the Vegas Golden Knights. The Knights have made an immense change to the community as many have noticed. After the tragedy of Oct. 1st, they were right there holding the circle together and holding events for those affected. From numerous clothing items to the miraculous support, our everyday life has been filled with love for our Knights.

Obviously everyone is affected differently by the new team. Some could care less that hockey even exists while others are embracing them with full force. Many students around school were seen representing our team so I went to get there thoughts.

Ethan Blanchard, Junior, stated “They [Golden Knights] have added a new narrative to Vegas, and not only that they’ve added a new culture that’s brought everyone together.” Relating to the Oct. 1st crisis he expresses, “I know that the players had put together the 10/1 game and they had help try to keep everyone close in the community. 

Ethan Blanchard, Junior, wearing his Knights jersey.

Along with keeping the community close they also create a great atmosphere for us Las Vegas natives. It gives us something to look forward to every 2 days.

“I think they’ve given a lot of ‘Las Vegans’ something to support and root for.” mentioned Adrian A, Sophomore. “They share ‘Vegas Strong’ constantly and they always spread that message.”

Adrian A at lunch showing his team spirit with his cozy Knights hoodie.

As we all know the tickets are not that cheap, and that leaves most of us to scream at our own tv’s. Similar to what Thomas L, Freshman, does.

“[They have not affected me] that much, I don’t have enough money to go to games so I just watch them on TV”. Upon having a good season Thomas didn’t sound hopeful, “So far, no, but now that were actually winning, yeah.”

Thomas L happily wearing his Knights long sleeve to school.

Not only are students really involved in the hockey hype, but so is our staff. Math teacher, Ms. Sherwood, was rocking a cheer + knights shirt so she had interviewed!

“I definitely think they have brought a lot of unity, we never had a team before and I’m not a sports person, but it brings people together. I just love that, seeing the Golden Knights on cars, buildings, shirts.” clearly Sherwood has lots of love for them.

Math teacher, the wonderful Ms.Sherwood is displaying both her Knights and school spirit!

Overall the Knights have impacted many in tremendous ways which shines such a bright light on the community. Making it all the way to the stanley cup in our first season is truly spectacular. Everyone’s rooting for our Knights again this year for a even bigger triumph.

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(Authors note: Oh, and Fleury if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU.)


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