Ms. Welch Said What?!

Evelyn Garcia, Writer

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We all have our memories that will stick with us forever from the best to the worst. We all have those moments, the unforgettable ones. The one thing that we don’t seem to remember is that our teachers have moments of their own wedged in their brain. Haven’t you ever wondered what those moments were for our teachers? They’ve gone through and finished high school so there are bound to be some stories to be told and advice to be given.

Some of our student athletes have those momentous games where they brought home a win that they will never forget. For 11th grade U.S history teacher, Mr. Robert Luton, winning two back-to-back basketball games against his former high school.  It was a huge win for him and his team.

“My senior year we beat a team that I was on my junior year and my sophomore year and we were not supposed to win” said Mr. Luton.

Mr. Luton gives his freshman to junior year a 7 on a scale of 10 and gives his senior year a big fat 10/10.

Of course we have all also had our embarrassing moments that will forever be grilled into our heads. 11th grade English and mythology teacher, Ms. Jennifer Welch, had an embarrassing story during her spanish class. Ms. Welch had to write a dialogue between her and her partner about a patient talking to a doctor, her partner was the doctor and her knee was injured. Long story short, it wasn’t the spanish words that had people turning their heads.

“Its this totally quiet moment in the classroom because everybody is working and I turn to Eric [her partner] and I say ‘Hey Eric can I see your body parts,’” said Ms. Welch “because that’s what the unit was called but everybody in the room heard me ask the poor guy if I could see his body parts”

According to Ms. Welch is was one of those moments that you wish you could just suck the words back in but sadly that is not how things work. Despite the embarrassing moments Ms. Welch played sports and a lot of memories so she gives her overall high school experience an 8 on a scale of 10.

Ms. Welch

Both teachers can agree that the best advice to give to students who are currently in high school is to manage your time wisely, procrastination should be avoided. Coming from two former high school students, that is some advice worth taking.

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