A Week in the Habits of Being Healthy

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A Week in the Habits of Being Healthy

Ana Saia, Writer

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Being considered healthy is an idea that most people attempt to do for at least one time in their life. In order to achieve these goals they start simple by cutting out junk food and exercising for 30 minutes each day. Many tabloids nowadays paste pictures of spokespeople who manipulate their audience to believe that being healthy is presented in the way a person looks, or certain likeable qualities that develop its own persona for everyone to see. I wanted to venture deeper into the soul and mind of the human body for a week where I analyzed the differences in my overall mood and atmosphere when I stepped outside of my normal routine.

Before diving into the mysterious depths of my mind, I wanted to make my overall experience as accurate as possible. I started to research activities that would not only improve my physical health, but as well as my mental. Meditation, going outside, and being active were all recurring factors that seemed to be the most practical to undergo within a week. I decided to carefully organize myself each day where I would meditate, eat a good breakfast, start my homework when I got home (with 10 minute breaks in between hours), and stay outside as much as I’d be able to.

Meditation was the first thing I wanted to attempt, but I wondered why people claimed it to be the most beneficial. According to Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD author, meditating for 10 minutes everyday will reduce stress and improve cardiovascular health. In order to fit this into my schedule I decided to set my alarm 10 minutes before I would normally wake up. Naturally, I was at first exhausted, but after finding the energy to sit myself up and successfully do the breathing exercises I felt my body lose all tension. It was a calming relief that I looked forward to in the morning for the next week because it gave me time to myself when I didn’t have to think of the multitude of stress inducers that were awaiting me throughout the day.

Creating meals that were healthy and tasted good was one of the most difficult tasks to complete. I despise cooking and normally prefer quick and easy foods like chicken nuggets and pizza pockets. I also didn’t want to waste money buying healthy precooked frozen foods knowing it would end in the trash. Once I ran down a list of foods I could cook without burning my house down, I decided spaghetti was the best option that can easily be integrated with healthy substitutes. I made an organic spinach cream sauce with fettuccine, and it turned out alright for a beginner. Throughout the rest of the week I decided to stick with fruits and sandwiches that were filled with vegetables and white meats.

Breaking out of my lousy habits was difficult for the first few days. There were times when I didn’t feel like waking up early and wanted to sleep in. Then when I got home, there always seemed to be a distraction that I would declare to be so unavoidable to the point I would wait until the last minute to do my homework. Getting into these new habits and standards that I set for myself were increasingly difficult as the days went by. Since there was no one to make sure I stayed in shape it was easier to cheat on little things too.

I then decided to set alarms on my phone to advise myself about going outside or to take breaks. This method seemingly worked because I noticed after days three through seven, I felt more pessimistic if I hadn’t gone outside. Eating healthier wasn’t as challenging as I thought because I started to crave more fruits and salads over greasy foods, but I did allow myself to indulge in the occasional Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup from my leftover halloween candy.

Through the middle of my week-long experience I continuously found myself having revelations about myself as well. Before beginning this experience, I was very self-conscious of the way I looked. Normally, I would always have makeup on and would try to make myself appear shorter to conform to the people around me. The last few days of this experience; however, I noticed that I felt like wearing my dusk colored wedges to school, and to go bare faced with my acne prevailing to the surface of my untainted skin. By the end of the week I was more aware of the tasks that I needed to accomplish in school and more importantly, the goals that I had made for myself for the near future.

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