Where Can AP Take You?

Madison Sant, Writer

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Many students crave to have a shortened schedule and easy classes their senior year. However, over several students admire the idea of pushing themselves to the limit.

AP classes can be such a benefit but the hard part is keeping up with all of them.

“I spend at least 2-3 hours on homework so I can save time to review my classwork. I’m not the type to procrastinate so I like to get everything I  need to done as soon as possible.” explains Cynthia Schofield,12.

Even though classes can be very stressful, these students always have that extra motivation with them. 

“Ever since elementary school, I have always had a good work ethic. The motivation comes from getting straight A’s and that 4.0 gpa helps me keep that up throughout each school year” explains Reyna Carranto,12.

Seniors don’t always know what to do with their life after high school, they sometimes can be very stuck or lost and trying to find themselves. Very rarely students will know what they wanna do.

“I want to get into psychology. I wanna be a psychiatrist or get into psychotherapy. I really enjoy that field.” Jacob Kostuchowski,12.

Another motivation for these students is their ultimate goal, to get accepted into their dream college. This is where the hard work seriously pays.

“Since I wanna be an Aeronautical Engineer, My dream college is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.” said Landon Morrison,12.

Not only do these students hope to get into their dream college but hope to get in for free. Since the beginning of the year, they’ve worked hard to be eligible for each scholarship they can.

“I have 4 so far but i’m still trying to apply to a lot more. I try to apply to just every scholarship im eligible for.” says Cynthia Schofield,12.

Overall students working hard in school can actually pay off. Although social life may be affected your friends won’t care when you’re picking up the check due to your million dollar job.






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