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Starting running back, Christian Vaughn, in a Crucial run play handoff against Sierra Vista.

Starting running back, Christian Vaughn, in a Crucial run play handoff against Sierra Vista.

Kyle Muna, Writer

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For a lot of students athletes, sport end after high school. However, there are a select few who are given the opportunity to continue their passion through college. Junior Christian Vaughn has 8 division 1 offers as just a junior; he is the only player on the Desert Oasis Varsity football team.

Vaughn stated, “I feel terrible knowing that I am the only player to receive Division 1 offers as I feel that my team deserves better as they are great at what they do.”

Many players put in just as much work in as Vaughn in order to succeed. They’re not receiving the correct exposure that they truly deserve in order to prosper.

Vaughn also stated, “Going to camps exposed me to many college coaches such as the University of Oregon, University of Los Angeles, University of Nebraska, and the University of Kansas.”

As a junior, it’s accomplishment to receive just one offer from a Division 1 school or any school for that matter he has 8 and counting many are top 32 schools in the nation as well as some of the top producers for NFL prospects.

“Oregon has by far the best training facilities and training equipment to make me a better player in every way, with that being said they are my top offer at the moment,” said Vaughn.

Every athlete has their own dream school, whether it’s because of a sports team or that’s the career that they want to pursue. For Vaughn, that’s the University of Oregon. A few contributing  factors include their training facilities, their sports team and their coaches helped influence his decision. He also has a feeling that he’ll be one of the scouts for the NFL there.

There’s a lot of competition in high school when it either comes to sports or grades. Hard working students become successful when reaching for their ambitions. For Christian, he is a top athlete in most coaches’ eyes.

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