Oh Deer! Christmas in November

Angelyn Celis, Writer

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Seeing various Christmas decorations being sold early in stores is almost as traditional as a turkey at Thanksgiving. In fact, many stores begin selling Christmas decorations before they begin selling turkeys.

Nearly everyone has walked into a store during November, and even October, and has seen Christmas items being flashed towards their face. In fact, many people call this the “Christmas Creep.”

While there’s no set-in-stone date for when stores begin selling Christmas decorations, many stores try to put Christmas items on shelves around Black Friday, but there’s always those obnoxious stores who seem to shove Christmas decorations down your throat like terrible fruitcake in October.

Christmas items aren’t thrown in your face while shopping just to get you in the Christmas spirit, stores mainly do it to compete with other stores to get your dollar.

It’s a bit ironic how everyone complains about Christmas merchandise being sold early, but retail stores are mainly doing it for customers. Most customers have in mind for what they want to buy for the holidays, so retail stores try to put out their glorious Christmas merchandise full of knick knacks and inflatable snowmen before another store does.

Retail stores know that some people find it easier to budget if they spread out their spending over a longer period of time, even though the total expenses may add up all the same, but if customers are planning to spend $100 on something, spending $10 a week for 10 weeks may be easier to manage than trying to hold on to that $100 until the 10th week and not forgetting and using it for something else. Some people, knowing they want to spend a certain amount of money on Christmas decorations, but not wanting to spend it all at the last minute, do some of their buying early.

Retail stores are wagering on the idea that if they have the merchandise out early, people will be more likely to make impulse purchases. If you see it in October and November, when you haven’t yet spent your disposable income for those months, maybe you’ll buy something to set aside for later use if you think it’s cool.

Ultimately, no matter how annoying it is, retail stores put out Christmas merchandise early to benefit themselves and you!

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