S’Winter Has Begun!

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S’Winter Has Begun!

Tiffany Pugh, Writer

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For the month of December, spirit week is being held between Monday the 10th through Friday the 14th. Though not to be confused, there will not be a winter formal compared to last year. However, STUCO is preparing school events that bring out not only school spirit but the holiday cheer as well.

“We were all assigned different posters over thanksgiving break; the posters that are hung up around the school.” explained by Mia Natole, junior.

The posters that are seen through the halls took stucco over 2-3 weeks of preparation.

“I came up with the idea of summer half winter and STUCO brought up Phineas and Ferb,” Natole stated. The theme is known as “S’Winter,” which is from the Disney cartoon show, Phineas and Ferb.

Even so, STUCO had runner up themes that were presented to each other, “There was a possibility for the theme to be, Candyland or Snowden.” Josh Bastin expressed.

On Monday come to school in your most comfortable, yet fashionable pajamas. STUCO arranged a dodgeball tournament on Monday, as well. Before going make sure to sign up in 1107. The event on that day will be held in the main gym right after school at 2pm.

Tuesday no events will be held by STUCO, but wear your gaudy, most cheesy tourist outfit. Although if seeking something to attend, our DO flag football team will be playing a home game.

Wednesday, STUCO formulated a movie night at 5 p.m. in the cafeteria. The movie being showcased will be Home Alone. Nevertheless, wear an ugly christmas sweater to show some holiday cheer.

On Thursday come to school dress as a meme or a Vine. Such as the Arthur meme or the “I can’t get no sleep because of y’all” woman from the famous Vine video to have a laugh with your peers. Other than that no event was arranged except another home game for our DO flag football team.

“The day of the silent night basketball game is also the day of the assembly.” Josh Bastin described. The assembly will be on Friday, the last day of spirit week, and be sure to wear your class colors. Seniors wear red, juniors wear black, while sophomores wear gray, and freshmen wear white.

Just before staying up all night studying for midterms, and going off to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. STUCO prepared winter events just for, us the students to enjoy. To be a stress reliever and to spread holiday cheer and school spirit.

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