It’s Broadway Time Baby!

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It’s Broadway Time Baby!

Chasity Pescado, Writer

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Come to Broadway Night this Friday, December 7th, starting at 6:00pm. This is the first ever night that our school will be performing a series of many different musicals, and our advanced theatre class has been working hard since the beginning of the year to put these acts together. Broadway Night will include acts from plays like Mamma Mia, Beauty and the Beast, Bonnie and Clyde and many more.

As you watch these Broadway acts, you’ll feel the show(s) come to life. You’ll amazed to hear students singing their hearts out till they can no longer breath! Students take the time to get to know their character, and so they dedicate a lot of time to a particular role just to get it right.

“In theater you have so many different stories to tell and playing all these different characters and the situations they’re going through gives me a chance to live what they do and what they go through, no matter what emotions they have,” Theater President, Chase Moore.

Our DO Theatre program puts up with long after school rehearsals to make the final production outstanding. Their bond is undeniably close as well as very welcoming to new students who aspire to be actors or simply share their love for the theatre.

“It’s really exciting, and I feel like no matter who you are or what your taste is, you’re gonna walk in there and be like ‘whoa that was good, I like that,’ and that’s our goal,” words from Theater Vice President., Aj Tolentino.

Students have free admission and adults are $7 . It’s night you won’t regret: bring your friends and family! These performances will blow you away due to our amazing student actors! There’s nothing better than seeing true talent and watching a student do what they  love. Don’t forget to spread the word out!

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