AP Physics: The Insider Scoop

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AP Physics: The Insider Scoop

Both Kikee Tsang and Ashley Mondido working on practice problems.

Both Kikee Tsang and Ashley Mondido working on practice problems.

Both Kikee Tsang and Ashley Mondido working on practice problems.

Both Kikee Tsang and Ashley Mondido working on practice problems.

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By the time junior year rolls around, its without a doubt that AP Physics happens to one of the hardest classes one can take. As for the class of 2020, they’re filled with excitement and curiosity as to where the class will lead them for their future.

Students who enroll in this class dedicate as much time needed when coming to an understanding of the material in order to prosper. AP Physics takes time to comprehend and adequate thinking.

“I’m able to understand how things work, some aspects of engineering, and expand my knowledge on math equations. As for studying, it’s crucial to study for physics at least everyday,” Ricky Deangelo, junior.

Ricky D’angelo stunting his new book club hoodie.

What makes AP Physics so enjoyable for students is not only the labs they do, but the classroom friendships that formed. Each lab group contains six people. Within one’s lab group, they’re able to get to know one another, share common interest, and help one another when it comes to getting good grades.

“Although physics can be quite stressful, the friends I’ve made in this class help me through the rough times. My lab group and I are very cooperative with one another,” Daniya Harp, junior, gladly expressed.

Not only are close friendships made, but so are quirky physics jokes. When learning the rate at which things fall at, or being able to relate something to a specific Newton Law, the jokes are endless.

“Because of physics, everything I see or do, I start to see a math equation pop into my head. If I see something falling, I instantly think ‘Oh my god! It just felt at 9.81 m/s^2!’” Harp joyfully  stated.

As students become close with one another, labs become more enjoyable with a group of well rounded students who also desire to get good grades for the class. Each lab is tied in which the current unit that’s being taught.

“I think my some of my favorite labs that we’ve done so far are the outside of school labs. A recent lab we just did was about momentum: it consisted of us playing pool,” Kayden England, junior, stated.

The best of buds, Daniya Harp and Kayden England.

Some students not only take the class to challenge themselves and for their further interest of the subject itself, but for the awards that’s provided. When taking an AP class, medallions are and a bonus weighted gpa is earned.

“Part of the reason as to why I took AP Physics this year was to earn the medallion the class provided,” stated Ellyse Cruz.

The one and only hard working Ellyse Cruz.

Nonetheless, AP Physics maybe a mind boggling class, but the hard work is worth the pay off. The students who are enrolled in this class are always cramming in new information as they are all determined to not only get a five of their AP test but an A in the class as well.

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