The Class That Reveals the Truth

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The Class That Reveals the Truth

Evelyn Garcia, Writer

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When it comes to court cases being handled in the television and movie industry, they’re rather often exaggerated as to what really goes on. Although it may teach one to put the puzzle piece together in easy steps, there’s much more depth to the job itself.  Desert Oasis has provided a program that gives students the opportunity to take their interest in court cases into a reality. The class, Mock Trails, and the after-school competitive program allow students to play the roles of the court. 

Being apart of the class and the competitive team incorporates all the different roles that come with being in court. Students can become the role of a lawyer, some act the role of the witness, or others plays the jury.

“The witness has to become a character, like an actor, whereas the lawyer has to be able to get you to tell your story or to make you look bad- to approach you,” stated mock trial advisor, William Matthews.

The class and the competitive program allows students to gain much exposure and experience if they’re planning to join the legal justice system for their future career.  By enrolling in this program, it will help one prepare for college as it opens their eyes to all the hard work and dedication that’s needed.

“I want to become a prosecutor when I’m older, so I figured this would be a great opportunity for me to get some experience before college,” said sophomore mock trial member, Brianna Lang.

Brianna Lang

The mock trials are treated as if they were all in a real courtroom with an actual case. To the people participating in these trails, it is important to stay focused and in character to be able to gain the information they need to win the case. Case by case, each one helps students further their judgment and identification skills, increasing the competition among teams. With each student’s goal of winning the case, cases do become heated.

“The environment can indeed become competitive depending on the case that we’re currently on,” expressed senior mock trial member, Savannah Frailey.

Savannah Frailey

Mock trial is overall a great way to experience what truly goes on in court. With learning the proper procedures for court cases, students no longer have to rely on shows such as Law and Order to understand the legal justice system.  If you are interested in joining the class and team next year, it’s best to head down to Mr. Matthews in room 1217, to get information about next years mock trial team.

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