The Time I ALMOST Got Sexually Harassed

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The Time I ALMOST Got Sexually Harassed

Delaney Schaffer, Writer

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* Disclaimer – all of the names of companies and people involved have been changed.

Coming home from school, a sophomore at Desert Oasis High School, dressed in a striped black and white shirt that went all the way up to my neck, a fitted bomber jacket, and high waisted paint with a bit of midriff showing, matched with white vans, I realized the day had taken it’s toll on me and I was starving! So, I ordered some delicious-looking pizza from a place that I haven’t ever eaten at before and thought would be great. About half an hour later I headed over to the place, parked quickly, and walked in. As I walked up to the cashier I met a, maybe, 30 year old guy, a pretty less than remarkable person. I told him the coupon that I had, telling him I was there for my pickup and he said there was a pizza there for someone with the same pickup name for me, but wasn’t my order. We talked for a little bit, strictly talking about my order and what he could do for me, and in the end he gave in and said he would make my pizza the way I wanted it when I had ordered it online.

Another worker came out from the backroom and started making my pizza, the man went away and was doing something in the backroom. As the finally toppings were going on, the man talked to the other worker. With a piece of receipt paper in one hand and my order in the other he walked towards the door. I followed him to it, he opened it wide, gesturing towards my order he said, “This is your pizza,” he handed me my pizza, and then the thirty year old man handed me the receipt paper, “and this is for you.” I took my order and the receipt paper, as I took a look at it in my car it read, “Harry – (702)***-****”.

The action was highly inappropriate, it should never happen to anyone, whether you’re a young male or female. You may be disgusted, hearing about an older guy targeting younger girls, because so was I. Furthermore, you may be happy to hear that as I left the pizza place I called up my friend who worked there, Jessica, and she said that Harry had been a creep to her ever since she became of age. She went to her managers, they talked it over with her – communicating with me and asking about my experience, and as a executive decision, they ended up firing Harry. They said his actions were completely inappropriate, my friend apologized for his actions, but I have yet to receive an apology and a year of free pizza’s. I apologize for the clickbait.

If you were waiting for more, I understand. What I did was write an interesting title which may have prompted you to click on the article and read it. This tactic is called clickbaiting, and it’s actually a real thing that happens often in the Youtubing world. Many youtuber producers will  use clickbaiting, so that more people will be inclined to “click” on it. While watching it every viewer is waiting for the point where they get arrested, shot, or something out of the ordinary, or the action that their clickbait included. It’s actually really efficient, but you may get mixed reviews as most of your viewers will feel unsatisfied after watching it. I mean, weren’t you? Not that you wanted me to get almost sexually harassed, unless you did in which case you should definitely consider therapy, but you wanted to read what happened, hearing my story, and how it ended.

Caspar Lee

Many big youtube producers, such as Caspar Lee, will do this. Caspar titled one of his videos “Living With HIV”, a very serious thing to say, yes it did make HIV awareness receive a lot of good attention, but the fact is that Caspar made his viewers believe that he was in fact HIV positive, which is completely untrue. There are many more examples of this, but looking into it the clickbait just gets worse, from people saying they survived plane crashes to youtubers with over 50 million subscribers saying they’re going to quit the Youtube community. Giving more attention to these clickbaiters is the least I want to do, seeing as it’s highly annoying and sometimes insulting. All-in-all the Youtube producers mean no harm, they simply want more views. In the long run it’s wrong, but it should all be taken lighthearted, nothing more than a simple misleading title.

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