Thats the Way the Cookie Crumbls

Madison Sant, Writer

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Crumbl Cookies have sprouted all throughout the west coast with unique cookie flavors and the classics, of course. There are two locations in Las Vegas, one on Blue Diamond and Cimarron, and the other is on Ann road and Painted Mirage road.

Personally, I would say Crumbl cookies is different than other bakeries or cookie places. They have “weekly flavors” and two classic cookies, that being sugar and chocolate chip. The flavors of the week when I went were Muddy Buddy, Lemon Glaze, Cinnamon Swirl, and Dark Dream.

When I stepped into the building, it immediately smelled like fresh, warm cookies straight from the oven.  The walls were bright pink, and on the left side of the entrance, their logo was presented with a huge black font. Wall to wall, there were white tables spread out and in one of the corners laid a photo of the original location of the cookie shop. 

As I made my way to the counter, that was where the menu was present with the prices of cookies and flavors upcoming ice creams. A single cookie is sold for $3 and a box of four cookies is $10. Crumbl Cookies also have a party box option which cost $25 and consists of a dozen cookies. Soon, cookies won’t be the only option as they’re adding ice cream for $8! 

I ordered the box and chose the flavors Muddy Buddy, Dark Dream, and both the two classic cookies. The wait was only five minutes, which in my opinion, isn’t bad at all. Muddy Budy was the first cookie I tried.  The cookie tasted mostly like peanut butter and rather topped with chocolate. However, the cookie was indeed very rich and warm. The second cookie I tried was the classic sugar cookie, and it tasted like a normal sugar cookie. It was decorated with very sweet pink icing and had a cold touch to it as well. 

The third cookie I devoured was Dark Dream. The outside of the cookie had a nice crisp, but once I bit into it, it practically melted in my mouth. As for the last cookie, I saved the best for last. The classic chocolate chip cookie was as well filled with a bunch of chocolate and contained such warmth. Although it may have been the typical cookie flavor, this cookie ended up standing out the most to me as it took my taste buds into another dimension. 

Overall, Crumbl Cookies was definitely worth the trip and I highly recommend trying it out. The prices were understandable after tasting such masterpieces. Switching gears to the staff and the atmosphere of the cookie shop, both were very welcoming and kind. I will be definitely ordering another box in the near future.

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