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Burnin’ Up For the New Jonas

The Jonas Brothers album cover for their new release,

The Jonas Brothers album cover for their new release, "Sucker."

Ana Saia, Writer

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Get ready to hang up those old posters and uncover the old CDs hidden with dust in the depths of a closet because the Jonas Brothers- Nick, Joe, and Kevin- have reunited. Beginning with rumors to the band’s reunion on Thursday, February 28 and following with the release of their newest single “Sucker” the following day, the band has had a dramatic success after being separated for six years.

Leading up to the debut single of the band, they released teaser videos of themselves with Late Late Show host, James Corden, for an upcoming new episode of Carpool Karaoke. To further announce their ensemble, the Jonas Brothers dove into a nostalgic video that they recreated in 2008. Within the new video, Nick and Kevin lifted and turned a table followed by Joe entering saying, “Oh how the tables have turned,” with confetti and a sign stating, “Hello Again,” reinforced the Jonas Brothers’ long-awaited return.

The trio signed with a new record company called Republic Records where the band has recorded “30 to 40 songs, and within the next few months we’re probably going to be hearing more,” stated Joe Jonas in a radio interview. Their debut single, “Sucker,” has reached 13 million views on Youtube and was ranked no. 1 on Itunes Music within 24 hrs of its release. The music video of the song included each brother’s significant other reinforcing their focus that family is the most important thing to them.

“We started spending a lot of time together and we all kind of felt that there was a magic and there is magic when we’re together that we missed,” said Nick Jonas during an interview with Mash Up Hits radio. After splitting in 2013, each brother wanted to discover their own style in music and experience life without being in a commitment to their childhood lifestyle. After discovering themselves they felt that it was the perfect time to get back together.

“It was so unexpected when I first found out that the Jonas Brothers were getting back together,” expressed Emilie Ton, Senior. Upcoming tours and concerts are yet to be posted by the band, but after an album is released more details will begin to rise.


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Ana Saia, writer

I'm a senior who loves reading about mystery and fiction novels. I have been playing the violin for 10 years. Important figures such as Einstein, Audrey...

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Burnin’ Up For the New Jonas