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Elizabeth Borek, Writer

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Mrs. Nowak, the advisor for Hosa, has been apart of the club since the beginning. Hosa is a club that has been at DO for 4 years and stands for Hosa Future Health Professionals. They go to events that showcase what students have to offer and to meet other people with the same job interest.

“Students participate in our leadership events and fall rally in december. Also, our state leadership conference in March.” stated Mrs. Nowak

Students in Hosa have talked to their friends and other students about joining Hosa, and how it helps them get involved with something that is crime, or forensic related.

“They are excited about how it prepares them for or exposes them to different health science or medical fields opportunities, and on top of that we have volunteer opportunities in the medical field for students.” said Mrs. Nowak

Hosa gets advertised all over school by teachers, and by students that have joined. Teachers tells kids throughout the year in all their classrooms.

“Hosa is a career and technical student organization for students that are interested in the medical.”  said Mrs. Nowak

Hosa isn’t known for a college credit, or a school recommended activity. It shows student that they have more opportunities to be apart of something that they want to be when they are older, it’s not just a school requirement.

“It’s just something else to be apart of, and not just a sport or academic club it’s something students can join that share the same interests.” stated Mrs. Nowak

Hosa has had many successful blood drives. Many students have been donors for advocates who need blood. They give it to the local Las Vegas hospital’s for advocates.

“The last blood drive, we had 100 donors, successful donors. Which is awesome. That gives blood in the las vegas community.” stated Mrs. Nowak

Hosa doesn’t just do events for the blood drive. They also help kids with cancer, and show them that they have friends here at D.O.

“We do volunteer work like walks. This year we have been working with Candle Lighters which is research for childhood cancer.” said Mrs. Nowak

The advisors and students help promote Hosa in so many ways. In classrooms, and just by talking to everyone throughout the school.

“We promote Hosa on social media. We have a twitter and instagram to promote Hosa. But I think it’s mostly just other students talking about what we are doing and our experiences.” stated Mrs. Nowak

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