Is The Umbrella Academy A Flop?

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Is The Umbrella Academy A Flop?

Tiffany Pugh, Writer

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*This article contains spoilers of Netflix show “The Umbrella Academy”*

Netflix created its new TV series, The Umbrella Academy, is based on the comics by Gerard Way, best known for being lead vocals of My Chemical Romance, and illustrated by Gabriel Bá. If this show is on your desired watch list, here are a few reasons why it shouldn’t be. 

In order to establish why you shouldn’t watch it, the background must be stated. 43 newborn babies were born on the same day of 1989, from 43 different women across the world with no relations whatsoever and never showed signs of pregnancy the day of. It was an unusual event broadcasted everywhere and caught Sir Reginald Hargreeves’, the billionaire and adventurer also known as The Monocle, attention. He would soon become the adoptive father of the 7 newborns, by offering large amounts of money to the mothers.

Of course, the most important part of any show is the setting and design choices to give the audiences more of a background to the story. The show goes through time changes like any other show. 2019 is caught perfectly with sky-high buildings and big industrial companies. Scenes would also capture the busy streets in the city and how people nowadays have their own style as they present themselves in any way they please. Though when there’s a sudden time change or event throughout the season, the timeline would constantly be inaccurate.

It’s said that October 1, 1989, was the day the children were born. In the show, the flashbacks occur during the team’s preteen era, which happens to be set between the 90s or early the 2000s. Typically, you would think of beanie babies or mom jeans, yet the show decides to make the set look more like the 1930s. Of course, it’s a creative choice though it’s never expressed why. By doing so, the audience can and will be confused with the time setting actually is. 

Somewhere towards the end of the season, it shows Sir Reginald’s love interest. However, this occurred is 1910 with the proper gentleman look. He looked exactly the same throughout the show and didn’t display any signs of aging. According to some sources he was an alien supposedly disguised as Sir Reginald Hargreeves. However, that is isn’t explained throughout the show. 

It’s also never expressed why Sir Reginald Hargreeves wanted the seven children in the first place. Is it just so these seven can save the world from ending? The seven children coincidentally all have metahuman powers. Eventually, these seven superheroes will be presented to the public called the Umbrella Academy, excluding one.

Number Seven, also known as Vanya Hargreeves, is excluded from all things related to the group. Until the end of the season, a backstory is told of the formation of the ‘antagonist.’ Furthermore, the character Number 3, Allison Hargreeves is trying to rebuild a sister bond with Vanya due to her poor treatment. Allison and the rest of her siblings were aware the Vanya was ‘different’ and ignored her presence. By all means, this action performed on the siblings was crucial to Vanya growing up leaving her to be depressed and lonesome. 

As for Number Five, he also has a connection with Vanya and acts like an older brother even though, they’re the same age. Five has the ability to create a void and teleport anywhere he pleases. Though Five figures out how to time travel and teleport into the future, he doesn’t come back to the original timeline of the show according to his brother Number 1, Luther Hargreeves for 17 years. Five states he has the self-consciousness of a 53-year-old man and continues to say it throughout the whole production. Although it’s bewildering and entertaining to watch a teenage boy say he can do things most teens can’t such as drinking, driving without a license, and using multiple weapons. The irony is great, but it felt offbeat. 

Within my first watch of the show, the timeline doesn’t match throughout the show with the set and designs. The show could require more than one watch to completely understand the plot. Overall, having such a complex concept can commonly have holes in the storyline. It’s an astonishing story with entertaining purposes. Netflix renewed the show for a second season, so our many questions may be answered.


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