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Mr. Whitefoot, the ‘Knight of the Bald Table’

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Mr. Whitefoot, the ‘Knight of the Bald Table’

Evelyn Garcia, Writer

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Most of us are fortunate enough to be healthy-not having to worry about taking any medication past an Advil or vitamin. We go to school, come home, and mess around with friends without a care in the world. A majority of us are used to living like this and don’t realize how lucky we are to go through our days without care. However, there are those who aren’t as fortunate. There are kids our age and younger that have cancer, something that cannot be fixed with medication from the drug store.

St. Baldrick’s is a foundation that funds childhood cancer research. Mr. Jack Whitefoot, algebra teacher, has brought this amazing foundation to our schools’ attention and asked all the classes to help raise money.

“Donating spare change or $1, which have almost zero impact on you, can have a large impact on fighting childhood cancer when a community puts all those dollars together,” quoted Whitefoot. 

The owners of Whitefoots favorite pub, Brian and Lynn McMullan, lost their their daughter to cancer when she was a toddler. They began this foundation 11 years ago after their daughter pasted away. Not only has Whitefoot contributed to the foundation for eight years in counting, but he too relates to the McMullans in an unfortunate way.

“I lost my son Jake 3 months after he was born, although not from cancer, I understand the hardship of loss,” stated Whitefoot. 

As for the last eight years however, Whitefoot has been able to encourage our school to help donate as well. When he first started fundraising, he set a goal of $500 and ended up raising $1,545. Needless to say, over time as word spread about what he was doing, more and more money was raised every year. After 8 years, Whitefoot, with the help of students and staff, has raised over $56,000- not including the 11,00 he raised this year.

Over the years Whitefoot has been to many events and has created long-lasting memories working to support St. Baldrick’s. Whitefoot’s passion for the foundation is shown through his actions of purposely growing out his hair so he can shave it when it’s time to donate the money that has been earned. The symbolism of shaving one’s head is to let those who are affected by cancer are not put into solitude. 

“I have been raising money, awareness, and shaving my head for 8 years with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Last year (my 7th), I was designated as a ‘Knight of the Bald Table’,” said Whitefoot.

The actions Whitefoot has displayed has created an immense impact for not only St. Baldricks, but our school’s community as well. Whitefoot was able to bring the school closer together for a good cause. Next year if you happen to have any kind of spare change drop it by Mr. Whitefoot’s class, anything can help.


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Mr. Whitefoot, the ‘Knight of the Bald Table’