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Juniors and Seniors In Preperation for the ACT

Chasity Pescado, Writer

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Juniors all over Nevada are preparing for the ACT on March 12th, Tuesday of this week. As students prepare for the ACT, how do we know they’ve got the proper practice they need? To be eligible for graduation, all students, free of charge, must participate in taking the ACT during their junior year of high school on the day selected for testing.

The ACT is a nationally recognized college admissions exam that is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States. Students are constantly taking practice tests, and going to boot camps in order to prepare, while teachers are also providing them the extra practice in class.

“I prepare my students for the ACT by exposing them to different parts of the test, including the reading portion and math. We do passages related to both try and get students used to the time element,” said Mr.Berger, English Honors teacher.

Teachers help prepare students for the ACT because they believe it’s not only important but also helpful. By scoring high on the ACT, the state offers scholarships to anyone who gets a certain score. Continuing, it’s a gateway to help with financial aid.

“To prepare for the ACT I went to a boot camp and also worked on some online quizzes and practice tests as well,” stated Ileana Deveraux, junior.

As a student, if you prepare for the ACT it will help improve your academic abilities rather than hurt you. Also, the test is accepted by all major 4-year universities. There are many universities who will require their incoming students to pass the ACT with a certain score.

“I took an ACT practice test and I failed the Math and Science portion. I did nothing to study for the tests and I’m just going to wait and see what happens,” said Danyca Samudio.

If you are the student that has not done much to prepare for the ACT, chances are that you won’t do very well. You can guess your answer on the test and might just get it right. However, if you are unpleased with your score, you have the ability to take the test multiple times (by paying, of course) until you get the score you desire.


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Juniors and Seniors In Preperation for the ACT