The New Season of ‘On My Block’ is Around the Corner

Evelyn Garcia, Writer

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Netflix has a history of getting people riled up about their Netflix Original shows. The latest hype surrounds the long-awaited release of On My Block season 2.  Fans of the show have been waiting for a little over a year for this after season 1 ended in a huge cliffhanger that left people in tears or left them just plain mad. Well, the wait is over because it is set to come out March 29th of this year.

On My Block shows the lives of teenagers Caesar, Monse, Ruby, and Jamal in South Central Los Angeles, in which their heavily Hispanic neighborhood is influenced by gangs, drugs, and violence. Caesar is the younger brother of the gang leader, Oscar aka Spooky, and is conflicted on if he really wants to follow in his brother’s footsteps. Monse is very bold and is not scared to speak her mind, but she has a missing piece in herself when her mother abandoned her years ago. All the feelings of loss rise back up again when Monse finds her mother but is not completely sure what to do about it. Jamal has been lying to his parents about playing football for quite some time to try to spare their feelings and does the most to keep his secret hidden. Last but certainly is Ruby, he is quirky and is extremely confident and later finds himself falling for Olivia who doesn’t quite feel the same.

The craze over this show is completely justified. Let’s get a recap of how the first season ended to fully appreciate the upcoming release of the next season. For starters, a majority of season one was spent by Jamal searching for the Roller World hidden treasure. Some could say it was his own personal obsession. All the others did not have any interest in finding the Roller World money, but after Cesar gets into some trouble, all of them decide to go on the hunt in order to help their friend only to come to a dead end as a group. Jamal, however, ends up finding the money on his own. With the season ending, the audience is left without a clue as to how he’ll spend his findings.

The second and biggest cliffhanger that season one leaves off on is whether or not Ruby and Olivia survived the shooting. Just to recap the trouble Cesar gets into involves a gang rival and in order to keep his reputation he must “deal with him.” Caesar couldn’t do what needed to be done because of his moralities, so he lets the boy go alive and tells his older brother, the gang leader, that he killed him and did what needed to be done. This occurred on the night of Olivia’s quinceanera and while everyone was dancing, Latrelle, the guy that Cesar was supposed to get rid of, showed up to shoot Cesar and ended up shooting Ruby and Olivia instead. The final episode ends with Ruby and Olivia on the floor barely breathing, then cuts to a scene to Jamal on his bike riding away with money falling out of a duffle bag and the end credits begin to roll in.

Anyone would be upset to be left on a cliffhanger like that, with no answers or explanations. Once the viewers realized that there would be an extremely long wait before any of their questions would be answered, they were indeed not happy. On My Block came out March 16, 2018, and with the second season finally right around the corner people are ready and anxious.

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