Free College Won’t Give Enough Knowledge

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Free College Won’t Give Enough Knowledge

Ana Saia, Writer

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In a perfect world, there would be no wars, no poverty, and to many parents and students, no tuition. This unrealistic dream of free tuition comes from costly books, boarding, food, and debt that escalates throughout college. While having free tuition would be the best way for more students to afford to go to college; however, the consequences of this action would affect the way all  Americans live day to day.

“The idea of ‘free college’ will only ever be an idea because then people across the nation would be sharing the cost of tuition in raised taxes,” said Mr. Streets, government teacher. This influx in taxes would mean that the people who choose not to go to college after high school would still have to pay their share of the tuition in collective taxes. In other words, when people want to cut out financially high universities, there would be no money to support the stability of the campus because it would be run by the state’s budget.

According to Civitas Institute, about 55 percent of students graduate six years after starting. This means that one of the main problems is completion. Staying on track to graduate from a successful field of study is what stresses undergraduates to stray from graduating on time. If free tuition was established then the percent of graduates would decrease significantly because of the lack of seriousness students would take in the university.

When viewing tuition economically, it may be high in cost; however, it is one of the first experiences that allow students to budget their money. For instance, when it comes time for students to apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) they are required to fill out an online ‘Entrance Counseling’ session. During this course, students plan their financial budget through a series of tests that show whether they can successfully pay off their loans in the years that follow when they start their career. The only way for a student to not gain this insightful information is if they don’t apply for loans which are a necessity in order to pay for college.

“When younger generations want free college they don’t understand how to act on it,” said Mr. Streets. Millennials often don’t understand why free tuition isn’t more prevalent when it is a highly discussed topic amongst their age group. The main reason is due to the fact that not enough millennials go to the polls to vote, thus they lose to the older generations that have no need for free tuition because it isn’t as important to them anymore.

“The best way to move up in society is through education,” said Mr. Osse, sociology and psychology teacher. While this is true, free tuition is too glamorized to the public for people to understand the reality of funding for all colleges across the nation. Nothing is ever free because the money to replace tuition comes from other people’s’ pockets unknowingly.

The proposals for free college are poorly targeted, too expensive, deliver too little and take away institutional and individual freedoms”

— Bob Luebke, economic analyst.

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