Head On Down To The Black Tap

Madison Sant, Writer

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The Black Tap has recently been all over social media. From Instagram boomerangs to quick Snapchat flicks, the restaurant has recently gained a lot of popularity. The Black Tap is a classic burger place with extravagant milkshakes and bar food.

“It was set up perfectly for Instagram photos, and the server even pointed out a couple of spots where it’d be perfect for pictures,” said Brianna Lang, sophomore. It’s located on the strip inside the Venetian. Once you walk in, the bar on the side and a big neon sign when turning to the small corner. When heading to the back, there is a huge shake “bar,” where you can see the staff assembling the various drinks. The place itself felt very small and the tables were placed fairly close to one another.

As for the menu, it contained both average yet interesting burgers such as the pizza burger, the falafel burger, and the chili cheeseburger. The menu also contained salads and normal bar food like fried pickles, chips, and mozzarella sticks. They carried these interesting salads called “burger salads” which included burger meat and different add-ins to a normal salad. There also some basic vegan choices like either salad and or their vegan burger. For the dessert menu, The Black Tap’s showed a list of their “crazy shakes.” Some of these shakes were called Brooklyn Blackout, the Cakeshake, and Sour Power.

“The service was really great. The waitress I had was super friendly and wasn’t afraid to joke around with my table.” expressed Christian Manriquez, sophomore. The employees try their hardest to create an atmosphere that costumers can enjoy between not only them and their food but as well as their service.

Although, one of the restaurants downfalls was the menu is a bit pricey. This is however due to it being located on the strip. Their burgers, salads, and shakes happened to be over $15. Truthfully, the shakes were awfully small, the toppings made the shake look larger. Not only that, but the restaurant is not a normal place to go casually, it’s rather more for birthdays or special occasions.

Besides the negative parts, the restaurant was extremely vibrant and it was definitely worth the hype. The items on the menu may seem a bit intriguing due to its price; however, it was worth every penny. If you happen to be on the strip and crave a good bite to eat, this is definitely the place.

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