Mrs. Beeman: The Chemistry Master

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Mrs. Beeman: The Chemistry Master

Evelyn Garcia, Writer

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All teachers are special in their own way from their various teaching methods to their different backgrounds.  Us students are very used to seeing teachers as our educators that we sometimes forget that they go home to lives of their own- that teaching is just their day job, just like our parents go to work and come home every day. Teachers like Mrs. Ivana Beeman, have a whole history that most of us don’t know about.

Mrs. Beeman was born in Sarajevo, which was a part of Yugoslavia and grew up during the Civil War in her childhood. Despite growing up with the struggles and harsh living in such conditions, she says that her childhood was still a happy one. She looks at the bright spots and appreciated what she had.

“I had loving parents and we were all very fortunate to survive the war,” stated Beeman. She and family symbolize such strength as they were able to get through the worst of times.

Beeman moved to the US when she was 16 and finished high school. She got her bachelor’s degree from UNLV and her master’s degree from Southern Utah University, both in education. When she graduated from UNLV,  she started her career in teaching at Rancho High School. Luckily for us, she decided to transfer to Desert Oasis in 2014 and has been working here ever since. This year marks her tenth year of teaching chemistry.

Beeman always knew that she wanted to teach chemistry. She has been in love with the world of science since she was just a little girl. Since the moment she looked into a microscope in the fifth grade, a world of curiosity was formed.

“When I was in fifth grade we got to use the microscope for the first time. I found it fascinating to look at this microscopic world,” she recalled, “It was eye-opening. That was the moment when my passion for science was sparked.”

Although teaching is her passion, Mrs. Beeman finds time to do things that she likes such as reading and traveling with her husband in her spare time. Beemans love for chemistry is something to admire as it displays how much one can love their true passion. In other words, with her past history and her wonderful love for chemistry, it has molded her into the amazing teacher we know today.


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