Maybe I Do Think My Sister Is… Cute?

Jeffrey and Rosemary Finch posing for their fabulous picture.

Jeffrey and Rosemary Finch posing for their fabulous picture.

Abbey Steinman, Editor in Chief

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GAY, GEORGIA-  As new forms of love begin to prosper, there are those who are left behind who are still frequently judged till this day. The young married couple Jeffrey and Rosemary Finch are currently struggling being accepted by their small town, a population of 83 people, for their love as it’s recognized as incest. The two lovers face harsh looks and receive name calling as their love is defined as gruesome. By the town’s reaction of their coming out, the Finch’s desires to migrate to another town, one that accepts their marriage, where their future family can prosper without being crushed to shams, and overall a more populated town to make new friends.


“I knew I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for Rosemary, but I was terrified of coming out as a result of my parent’s opinions and mostly whether or not Rosemary felt the same thing. It was utterly terrifying opening up about how I felt because I knew I going to be crucified,” expressed Jeffrey.


Jeffrey stated that he fell in love with Rosemary at the age of 17. He’s always loved the way how she braided her hair into two dutch braids every day as it would allow her to show off her clear delicate skin. Jeffrey also was attracted to the way how wholesome Rosemary was. She was willing to do anything for anyone, whether or not it was out of her way. Rosemary would constantly put others before herself and Jeffrey has always dreamed of his future spouse to propose the same actions.


Not only has he dreamed of his future spouse being as wholesome as Rosemary, but to be as well as a phenomenal chef just like her.  To quote Jeffrey, “she makes the most scrumptious pancakes for breakfast, a hard-hitting blt sandwich for lunch, and meticulous butter drenched crab legs for dinner.”


Rosemary, who is a year younger, was taught how to cook at a very young age due to their parents jobs restricting them to be home in time for lunch and dinner. She believed she had to take a stand and provided for her and her older brother. Every other day, Rosemary would head down to their local farmers market and would consistently prepare home-cooked meals. She believed home cooked meals were not only better for one, but it brought one closer to their family.


“Since our parents were always at work, all we had was each other. We were quite young figuring out life on our own. My brother and I made a tradition to where we would never eat a meal without one another. We were both terrified of being alone and just by sitting at the same dining room table, it was able to bring us closer than ever before,” Rosemary said sincerely.


As the two were growing up, their relationship began to take off both had the tendency to cling to one another whether or not they were in public or at home. Suddenly, it became a habit of Rosemary to wrap her arm around her brothers; she needed to feel safe and secure.


For Rosemary, around the age of 18, her feelings about her brother were truly set. Rosemary was walking home from school as her brother jumped up and surprised her from behind nearly giving her a heart attack. Rosemary was relieved to find out it was only Jeffrey.


“We began having our normal conversations about how our day went when out and of nowhere Jeffrey blurted, ‘I love you.’ I figured it was just the typical family ‘I love you,’ but Jeffery made his intentions clear. He started spiraling off about the way I make him feel and that he and I are born to be lovers. I was swept off my feet as I had felt the same way too, yet I would never have the courage to be honest with my feelings. I was petrified of being shamed by my parents and friends for falling in love with my brother, but that wasn’t able to destruct our love,” explained Rosemary.


According to Stastia, the rate at which incest marriages are at their highest. The 21st century has brought communities to be open minded and accepting of one’s true love. To compare, within the 1950s, incest marriages were highly unacceptable, but within the beginnings of the 1980s to the present, opinions begged to differ.


Earlier generations, like the 1950s, were not aware of the potential values of incest produced offspring. The offspring would have higher rates of being far more athletic, intricate, and skillful. CDC, Center for Disease Control, stated, “those who are produced offspring of incest marriage have both a better muscular and cardiovascular system, hand-eye coordination, and flexibility.” This can be seen through the comparison of MLB pitchers Arnold Morgan, an incest offspring, and Peter Byrne, a non-incest offspring. Morgan has been able to throw fastballs repeatedly without a single mistake while Byrne could only keep up with 3 throws per game.


Focusing back onto the Finch’s, their desire to start a loving family isn’t about the interest of their children’s future genetics. Although there maybe be prospering advantages when it comes to sports for the offspring, that isn’t what matters in the eyes of Jeffrey. The aspiration Jeffrey holds for his future children is whether or not they’ll be able to find true love from those who aren’t apart of his family.


“All I’m saying is that incest relationships (or marriages) is not harmful to the human species. To put into a realistic perspective, soul mates are born to be together, just like how Rosemary and I were. By being in the same family, our bond, trust, and loyalty are already pre-built before we were even alive,” exclaimed Jeffrey.


Jeffrey and Rosemary will continue their forever bond and hope to produce as much offspring as possible. The built in trust within their families make it far easier for their kids to find true love among their future siblings. Rosemary is frightful of whether or not their kids may be bullied by their families love. As her kids grow up, Rosemary hopes the world will be far more accepting of taking family love to the next level.


“Once Rosemary and I begin our family, explaining our family tree will be as simple as can be. All we have to do is explain who their grandparents are, gma and gpa,” stated Jeffery.


When going in depth about one’s family (and their heritage), preadolescence have a hard time remembering whos who. Being able to remember over several aunts, uncles, and not to mention, millions of cousins, contains such memorization that it’s far too overwhelming. The Finches hope their future kids will have an easier grasp at understanding their family tree but as well as love in general.


For the relationship aspect, couples like Jeffrey and Rosemary, who are involved in a healthy loving marriage, have been recognized by Cheryl Hotchner, CEO of the Marriage Counselor Institute, for their tremendous difference in their behaviors compared to non-incest ones. Their love in other words, is filled with affection.


“One day, I had a couple show up to my office, Jeffrey and Rosemary to be exact. They didn’t ask me to direct them on any marital problems but instead went on about how invested one was into the other and how they can further their love,” quoted Hotchner. Hotchner also states that as a result of how healthy incest marriages are, they have no tendency to cheat and have far better open communication skills.


While it maybe 2019 and the rules on love are changing, Rosemary and others are determined to bring justice to incest marriages as it would display equality among all sexualities.


“All Jeffrey and I can hope for is acceptance in this sickening world. Now, although some may have been open to our relationship, there are those who will continue to bash on us.  Love is Love. Love of all forms are ceased to exist. If homosexuals are given the right to love, then so should the rights of incesters. I mean, after all, there is no need of worrying about changing your maiden name ladies,” she happily expressed.


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