The Real Ranking Of Pixar Movies

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The Real Ranking Of Pixar Movies

Christian Manriquez, Writer

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Over the years, Pixar has become one of the biggest companies in animated movies. Movies such as Incredibles, Toy Story, and even Inside Out have made them a staple in everyone’s childhood. These are 14 of Pixar’s movies, rated from worst to best.


  1. A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life hit the big screen in 1998, starring vaguely annoying, yet cutely animated ants as main characters. In this movie, we meet Flik; Also known as your basic clumsy, “I always mess things up,” character. Flik creates an invention to help harvest the crops which were meant to be given to the grasshoppers. Instead, he ruins all of the food, effectively angering everyone else. Determined to fix it, he goes to Bug City (a literal pile of trash) to find warriors to help him fight against the grasshoppers, who he says oppresses the Ants. While the movie itself was okay, there just wasn’t anything special about it. A Bug’s Life was simply one of those movies you watch, and then instantly forget about. Nothing memorable about it, and it holds no amount of nostalgia for most.


  1. Cars 3

Cars 3 brings you back to the world of Lightning McQueen and his lovable tow-truck best friend, Mater. McQueen has to face the harsh realization that there’s a new generation of faster, younger cars, ready to tackle the racetracks. While the concept itself is great, the execution wasn’t up to par. None of the new characters were very exciting, including Cruz Ramirez – A.K.A Lightning McQueens race trainer-turned-protege. The movie itself felt like it was just repeating the same things from the older Cars movies, and not in a good way. Apart from McQueens realization, the rest of the movie just felt recycled.


  1. Inside Out


This movie had such an important message for younger kids to hear: it’s okay to experience all different sorts of emotions. Being happy all the time isn’t possible, and it’s important for everyone to realize that. While Inside Out’s message was important, the movie itself wasn’t very entertaining. It was full of bright and happy colors, but there was nothing else to fully engage the viewer. Although, one character that did grab everyone’s attention was the one and only fabulous Bing Bong. Bing Bong was an absolute show-stopper and broke everyone’s heart in the movie. Overall, this movie wasn’t necessarily bad, but it wasn’t award-winning either.


  1. Brave

Brave is one of Pixar’s first attempts at having a strong female protagonist. Merida, the main character, was portrayed as a strong-willed princess who was at odds with her situation. The saying “be careful what you wish for,” is true, at least in Merida’s case it is. She felt as if her mom was controlling her entire life, so she had a spell cast to change her mom’s ways. Only, when the spell took effect, her mom was no longer human. While there’s no doubt Brave’s main character was strong, there’s also no doubt that she was selfish in the beginning. Although, she did learn the error of her ways through character development. Other than that, this movie’s protagonist proves herself to be a role model for little girls around the world. It teaches them that it’s okay to be you, and you don’t have to force yourself (or let others force you) to be something you’re not.


  1. Monsters University

Let’s be honest, who didn’t love the original Monsters Inc. movie? It was a childhood classic for most of our generation, and this movie is no exception to that. It serves as a prequel, showing us where our favorite characters came from. The movie starts off with Mike going on a field trip to the Monsters Inc factory, thus creating his lifelong dream of becoming a scarer; however, while it was a cute movie, it didn’t do anything to further the storyline. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this movie, but Pixar’s created far better movies other than this one.


  1. Toy Story 3

The Toy Story franchise could quite possibly be considered the most successful Pixar series ever. It’s filled to the brim with nostalgia, and it’s enjoyable to watch no matter what age you are. The reason Toy Story 3 is so low on this list is that it truly only makes you only feel one emotion: sadness. The great escape plotline is incredibly anxiety-inducing, especially because they’re escaping from a daycare where the kids abuse them while playing. Not to mention the famous incinerator scene that had everyone in tears.


  1. Incredibles 2

14 years after the original, we were blessed to discover that our favorite superhero family was back on the big screen. This movie was sure to not disappoint, and it was comforting to see the Incredibles world develop even after all the time that has passed by. The opening scene is only moments after the ending of the first, meaning the Parr/Incredible family didn’t go through the 14 year age difference. In the movie, Super-heroism is illegal, and they’re arrested after trying to take down the Underminer (A.K.A one of the movie’s villain). The overall plot of this movie was excellent and didn’t fail to entertain. Though, the one scene with all the flashing lights was a huge cause for headache. Not to mention the fact that it had been a huge trigger for epilepsy, which was something the movie did not originally warn about. Overall, though, this was a fun comeback of everyone’s favorite childhood movie.


  1.  Finding Dory

Finding Dory was an emotional welcome back to the world of Nemo and his family. The title itself was a play on words; Dory spends the entire movie searching for her birth parents, all while being on her own path of self-discovery. Pixar did fantastic with this movie, as it succeeded in making a sequel that didn’t change everything we know and love about the original. Overall, the movie was incredibly put together. It caught everyone by surprise, as it came out thirteen years after the original, and it’s debatable whether or not people were begging for a sequel. Either way, Pixar really couldn’t go wrong with this movie.


  1. Monsters Inc.

This is a classic example of a movie forever immortalized in the hearts of the early 2000’s generation. It stars Sully, a very large and very scary monster, as well as Mike Wazowski. Mike vaguely resembles a tiny green booger, and (unlike his colleague) isn’t very scary. Monsters Inc. is funny, heart-warming, and generally entertaining. This is a movie that almost anyone’s childhood can relate to. The childhood idea of monsters hiding in your closet is incredibly common, and Pixar took that idea and expanded it into an entire universe.


  1. Toy Story 2


Similar to Finding Dory, this movie is another perfect example of a sequel expanding the universe we already know and love, all without drastically changing anything about it. Toy Story 2 finds our beloved characters trying to rescue a fellow toy in peril. The entire movie held just as much charm as the original, and even 20 years later it leaves its viewers with a sense of happiness and nostalgia. Being the first Pixar’s first sequel, they surely didn’t fail to let their audience down.


4.   Toy Story

You know the saying, “nothing beats the original.” While there isn’t a single Toy Story movie that’s gone down the drain just yet, the original look into the world of Woody and his friends just can’t be beaten. This is the movie that introduced all of us to the idea that your toys truly have a mind of their own when you’re gone. Toy Story has brought one closer to their belongings as the film portrayed one’s items hold significant meaning. Not to mention the film will forever hold its famous quote said in a particular Buzz Lightyear voice, “to infinity and beyond!”


  1. Up

Up is remembered as one of Pixar’s more emotional movies. It’s a sad story about a 78-year-old balloon salesman named Carl, who’s fulfilling his dream of tying balloons to his house and adventuring. The beginning of the movie is the most emotional, as Carl’s sad love story unfolds in the very beginning of the movie. Within the first 15 minutes, you’ll already be sobbing. This is a classic for both, kids and parents who have watched it. The significance of the movie upholds at adventure is still out there no matter what age you are.


  1. Coco

Coco is an all-time favorite. Not only does it have a meaningful storyline, but it’s also got an amazing representation of Hispanic culture. The movie is about a boy from a family who hates music, and all he wants it to become a famous musician. Along the way, he encounters a story of family, love, and loss. It’s an absolute heartthrob of a movie. It’ll make you laugh, cry, and want to hug each member of your family. Not to mention the soundtrack has some of the best songs you’ll ever hear in a Pixar movie. Pixar also deserves to be recognized for its animation within this film. Of course, each animation gets better and better due to time, but when a character like Hector or Miguel play the guitar, each note and finger picking is exactly accurate as to how it would be in real life


1. Wall • E

This is the absolute best movie that Pixar has ever come out with. Yes, there are other movies with good morals or cute characters, but Wall•E was the original tearjerker. Wall•E spends his days cleaning up the now trashed earth, and over the course of 700 years, he’s grown to be lonely. This is when he meets EVE, a robot sent back to earth on a scanning mission. Absolutely infatuated, Wall•E follows her on a big adventure and captures the hearts of every kid around the world throughout the movie. Pixar was able to create such a phenomenal film without much dialogue, yet still connecting to the hearts of their audience. If that’s not storytelling at its finest, then what truly is?

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