One Step Closer To Graduation: Senior Awards

Tiffany Pugh, Writer

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With the school year coming to a close, seniors have stayed both determined and dedicated to getting to where they are now with their academics. On Tuesday, April 30th, those that have been selected will attend Senior Awards Night and be awarded for their accomplishments.


The event starts at 6:00 p.m. in the gymnasium. Those invited will receive a letter regarding their award. They will not be told what award they will be accepting, as it’s supposed to be kept a surprise. Though there are actually quite a few awards seniors will be given.


“I know I’m getting the CTE award. It’s the career and technical education award.” Kaitlyn Beddow explains her knowledge of the award she’s receiving. Seniors can receive awards about scholarships and be accepted into colleges. Others may obtain awards nominated by their teachers throughout their high school career about their academic achievements.

It shows that after 4 years of hard work, it has definitely paid off. These seniors accomplishments won’t go unnoticed among their peers, friends, family, and school staff. Not only does Senior Awards Night includes one’s academic success, but they are also just one step closer to that finish line in getting that diploma.

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