It’s Time To Get Your Game On

Tiffany Pugh, Writer

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Seniors are given the opportunity to gain back the nostalgia from elementary school of playing unique games outside with their friends. On Thursday, May 2nd, Student Council is hosting their first Senior Field Day outside at our school fields for $5. The estimated time that it starts is at 2:30 pm and will end around 4:30 pm.


“I know a lot of people are excited about it (senior field day) and even the senior sunset,” senior Karina Campbell explains the excitement going around just before the school year ends.


Field Day will possibly include typical games such as the potato sack race, tug war, an obstacle race, and a three-legged race. So wear immense amounts of sunscreen to stay away from sunburns. A few tips while playing these games some may get you wet, so bringing a towel is well advised. Caution as well for girls, they will not be allowed to wear white shirts during the entire event to prevent inappropriate mishaps. Other than that, the event will be more than just fun in the sun, it will definitely be one of the last memories that can be cherished after their high school career.


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