Au Revoir Madame Chavanel

Crhistian Manriquez, Writer

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As of this year, the French classes of the 2018-2019 school year might be our last. At least, the last physical class, that is. Starting next year, the French program is being temporarily canceled. Madame Chavanel, our school’s one and only French teacher is leaving.


“Starting next year, I am going to be working at Coronado,” says Madame Chavanel, “It makes sense for me to work there. I live in Henderson. At Coronado, I could walk to work if I wanted to. My kids are zoned for that school.”


Madame Chavanel also goes on to say that over time, both her and Desert Oasis have developed different priorities, which was another reason why she made the switch. To put it simply, the school no longer fit her needs.


What does this mean for the French kids in need of a language credit then? Students interested in taking another year of French have to enroll in NVLA. For those who don’t know, NVLA stands for Nevada Learning Academy. Typically, this is a class for seniors to make up credits or to retake a class they might’ve failed. The class itself has more of a relaxed setting, mainly because there isn’t a teacher who’s talking about a single subject, but rather an advisor who watches over you while you teach yourself through a computer. While this seems like a fun and easy class, this is actually harmful to those who genuinely want to learn French.


“It should be an easy A,” laughs Madame Chavanel, “But, I think in order to really become proficient in a language, you have to have an authentic interaction with other people.”


She continues, saying how the class will help teach you a wider vocabulary but notes how harmful it is in the sense that you won’t be submerged in the language.


 “You definitely will learn,” she says, “but students who are really wanting to find ways of learning the language will need to find other ways of practicing.”


As Madame Chavanel quotes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Students who wish to continue the French program must continue to work hard and (hopefully) when the school finds our new French teacher, students can pick up where they left off. Hopefully, our school will be able to welcome a new French teacher in the coming years.


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