Avengers: Endgame Review

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Avengers: Endgame Review

Ana Saia, Writer

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Many fans have grown up watching the Marvel franchise and after a decade of action-packed movies, Avengers: Endgame finalizes the saga of the century. The running time is a total of 3 hours and keeps its audience engaged from start to finish. Starting May 6, 2019, there will be a lift on spoiling the movie’s plot. In other words, from this point on there will be detailed spoilers in this review.


Earning over $2 billion worldwide it has become the second-biggest film release (first being Avatar). The opening weekend it earned $1.2 billion becoming the highest-grossing Thursday release. It was the biggest opening weekend in the US and globally. Seeing that it has been released only two weeks ago, there are sure to be more record-breaking numbers for this film.


Director Anthony Russo wanted to be “very committed to the ending of infinity war.” The directors wanted to develop a different, resounding loss for these heroes because it was a unique turn of events that they had never experienced before. This was why the story began in a mystified atmosphere where the remaining heroes (Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, Rocket, Nebula, and Rhodey) don’t know what to do to bring everyone back.


Another important aspect that the film followed was the transitions of how fast these characters can change. After five years pass, there is a seeming abyss, dark cloud over the Earth because of the people who vanished. Shots of empty ballparks and trash-filled streets show that people haven’t been able to move on. Characters like Hawkeye turned into an anti-hero where he is seen killing many con men, but not under S.H.I.E.L.D. Then there are other characters like Tony Stark who was able to begin his own family with Pepper Potts and have a little girl named Morgan.


As the plot began to unravel when Scott Lang came back from the Quantum Realm because of a rat moving over the right buttons of his van, the remaining Avengers decide to travel back in time to get the stones and use them to bring everyone back. Naturally, this would have some complications because of the laws of time travel, but the laws of time travel in this movie meant that they are creating alternate universes when they travel back through time. In other words, when 2014 Thanos found out about the Avenger’s plan and goes to their future this doesn’t disrupt what is to happen in the Guardian’s of the Galaxy movie plot since it’s a different universe.


After the Avengers return from time traveling, excluding Black Widow due to her sacrifice for the soul stone, Stark, Banner, and Rocket create their own gauntlet that holds the stones. Banner is the one who puts the device on because he claims that he was “made for this” due to his accidental experiment with gamma rays that made him the Hulk. Once he put the device on the power of the stones is seen to be too strong, even for him, but he still managed to snap his fingers that would bring everyone back.


The final battle between Thanos and the Avengers was the most anticipated part of the film. There were many surprises that left the audience in a roller coaster of emotions. For instance, as Thor battles Thanos and is about to be killed by his newest hammer Stormbreaker, the image cuts to Mjolnir being lifted then is seen being thrown by Captain America. This was one of the best scenes of the film because naturally, Captain America would be the only other Avenger that should be able to lift the hammer. In Avengers Age of Ultron, he slightly moved the hammer but was unworthy due to other inner conflicts.


The final moments of the battle were the most emotional because as Thanos knocked Captain Marvel out of the battle scene using the power stone, Doctor Strange gave Stark a look that indicated he needed to sacrifice himself. In a matter of seconds, Stark covers Thanos’s gauntlet and transfers the stones onto his own suit and says his final words, “I am Iron Man” and snaps his fingers as the villains turn to ash. This heartbreaking ending was bittersweet because of how beloved of a character Iron Man was.


In the last scene of the film, Captain America is seen taking back the stones to their original time frame, only he doesn’t return in the same way. Across on the other side of the forest Banner, Buckey, and Falcon were in, an old man is perched on a bench. As Falcon walks over to the old man (Captain America), Captain America explains how once he returned the stones he stayed in his era to be with Peggy Carter. This conversation follows with him giving his shield to Falcon as a symbol that Captain America isn’t just a person but an idea for hope.

The overall film was concluded beautifully as it gave every character a new outlook on how to live their lives. The Russo directors said that there was no end scene and they stayed true to their word because at the very end credits there is no scene, although there is the sound of metal clanking together that is assumed to be the Mark 1 suit from the first Iron Man movie. “With Endgame we get the opportunity to finish off one of the grandest experiments in movie history and bring it to–as Kevin [Feige] said–an epic conclusion. What we’re hoping for is that people feel satisfied with the conclusion,” said Russo.

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