8 Summer Job Ideas

Chasity Pescado, Writer

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If you are in need of a job for summer, here are eight ideas that hopefully get the ball and money rolling.


Lifeguard: With Vegas reaching over 100 degrees soon, lifeguard positions at Wet N’ Wild and Cowabunga bay are both hiring for those who are 16 and over. Being a lifeguard contains an endless amount of fun under the sun. Working at a waterpark is guaranteed to give you a hard-hitting tan, eating an absurd amount of ice cream, and meeting countless new people every day.


Camp counselor: Working as a camp counselor can give you the chance to be outside every day doing fun activities whether it ranges from sports to craft. Also, if you enjoy working with a bunch of kids, this is the job for you. This job also allows you to gain experience with kids, make new bonds with your other camp counselors, and learn certain camp traditions. 


Fast food: Working in the food industry can sometimes be a pain, but it can also give you a real view of what it’s like working with customers. Jobs at McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Tacobell, etc., hire very quickly as they’re constantly looking for new people to fulfill the job. By committing yourself to work at fast food, you’ll be able to experience how to handle with rush hour, custom service, and of course, cooking certain meals in generals.


Dog walker: If you know your neighboorhood or others are in need of a dog walker and you enjoy a dogs company, this simple job is well suited for you. Walking dogs is as easy as can be if you can handle their joyful energy.


Babysitting: Babysitting can also give you a chance to work with children, and you get paid pretty well depending on the people you’re babysitting for. With parents crazy schedule, you’re destined to find someone who is in need of a baby sitter. If you make your clients clear that your reliable, trustworthy, and caring, they’re far more determined to hire your throughout the summer and even recommend you to people. Babysitting can pertain to your schedule and you won’t have to worry about studying for a health food card. 


Car washing: If you plan to wash cars throughout the summer, you can go around your neighborhood asking who is in need of a quick car wash. It’s fast and easy money, and if you do a great job, you have the potential to make a great profit. All you have to worry about is supplying your own equipment for the job.


House sitting: Summertime is vacation season for many people and families. Some people want to hire a trustworthy person to stay at their home during the entire duration of their trip, others want to hire someone to check in on their home daily. House sitting may sound like an easy job, but keep in mind it takes a lot of responsibility and if anything does happen, it falls into your hands. 


Start your own business: You could create custom clothing, selling food, your own sticker brand, or anything that contains beauty such as nails and makeup, its important to advertise your business now and work on your client base. By creating your own business, it lies within your control. Just be sure it is something you know you’ll be able to commit to, so you won’t have to worry about the time you’ve possibly wasted. 

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