Where One Year Of Hard Work Can Take You

Madison Sant, Writer

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Juniors Renee Setanyen and Leslie Orozco both joined Journalism 1 last year in the hopes to learn more about the world of news and writing. With the class teaching multiple perspectives of stories and teaching how to capture the moments, these girls were able to gain much experience and strengthen their ability to write.


While taking journalism, both girls were also exposed to publications, hence the yearbook. After knocking out their articles, Setanyen and Orozco gave a hand to the yearbook staff by writing captions, creating spreads, and editing photos. By being able to help the yearbook staff in their free time, they were able to discover their passion for publications.


“In journalism, we got to learn how to write in a journalistic style, that being straight forward, simple, and still reveal the overarching ideas and points. It helped out a lot when coming up with captions for the endless amount of pictures that were taken throughout the year. As the year was coming to an end, I was able to do a ton of interviews. With so many of them occurring, I expanded my communication skills and know how to get a ‘good’  interview.” said Renee Setanyen. 


Publications is a class that you cannot slack on. It’s important to keep up with your work and do everything you need to do at a good pace. It is simply not a class you can call ‘easy’ as it takes time and a lot of effort. It is extremely important to go to every event and get those important photos that capture a significant meaning that is well needed for the pages. 


“I learned that we cannot do anything last minute. It is super crucial to be open to go to school events to capture some photos for the sports or anything else we need. A required thing is also communication with your editors so they have an idea of how much is done on your spread. Keeping up with your classmates is also very important because they may need an extra hand on finishing their pages in time for each deadline,” commented Orozco.  


Orozco and Setanyen were always willing to go and take photos of each and every event they could. With the skills from journalism, they were able to put their voice on each spread of theirs. Their hard work over this year gave them the opportunity to become an editor for next year. 


“A big help for me this year was all the editors because they helped me with pictures, copy, captions, and design.  Mr. Pulliam was also a big help because he mostly guided me on how to do pages. He always pushed me to the extreme and help me discover a new passion this year.” said Renee Setanyen, sophomore. 


Even though it was the students first year in yearbook this year, they already had some strengths and little knowledge on the yearbook. This year wasn’t only filled with their best work, they did struggle with time management and fitting correct mods with the word chosen for their spread.  


“I was really good at taking pictures and captions. I already had some experience of being a journalism student last year. I did struggle with copy though, trying to put my voice, and the person or teams story I was writing about was super difficult.” said Leslie Orozco, junior.


The girls’ hard work truly paid off when they were announced they were gonna be one of the editors for the yearbook next year. With their true excitement, they’re hoping to have a successful year and make sure next year will bring more dedication.


“When I am an editor next year, I’m gonna try and be on the staff as much as I can because we can possibly get more done and have more structure in creating the book. I am hopeful that our staff will be as dedicated and determined as I am in making our next years book as amazing as can be,” Orozco gladly expressed.


With Orzoco and Setanyen only being in publications for one year, it shows how much hard work and dedication can take you. With the year wrapping up and the returning staff developing next years theme, the team is hopeful and ecstatic for next year’s production of the yearbook.


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