A Trashed Parking Lot Is A Sad Parking Lot

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A Trashed Parking Lot Is A Sad Parking Lot

Abbey Steinman, Editor in Chief

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While teenagers drive to school, they tend to make a quick stop at places like Dutch Bros or Starbucks, whatever you wanna name it, and order their well desired coffee in hopes that it would awaken them. Not only are these coffee places frequently visited, but as well as other fast foods like McDonalds, Dairy Queen, and even Tropical Smoothie to fulfill their breakfast needs. Although, the consumption of these fast foods have been left within our schools student parking lot.


If you take a drive throughout our schools parking lot, there’s endless trash that can be spotted anywhere. McDonalds paper bags, spilt drinks, and simply garbage itself is scattered everywhere throughout the entire parking lot. It’s rather quite embarrassing to see how trashed is found upon anywhere when given a view of park carks, let alone to how the lot actually looks when it’s empty.


“The parking lot looks rather disgusting. Sometimes I leave school late and I see a perfect view of the trash piles of cups, bags, and a lot more ugly stuff. Seeing the students littering on purpose is childish and irresponsible,” stated Cecilia Lucero, junior.


The student parking is destined to be a clean environment as it’s only use for it is to, of course, park cars. Littering sauce packets and empty soda cans may not seem like a ‘big deal,’ but it reflects students actions as they’re too careless to walk to the (nearest) trash can as they head in or out of the doors. The action of crumbling up your Mcmuffin wrapper, opening your window, and then tossing is something that should be intortable.


“I’ve actually seen somebody dump their entire Tropical Smoothie out the window. I was in disbelief when I saw it because the cup was completely full and the person just wasted it,” commented Lucero.


Disposing your trash out in the open doesn’t seem that bad when being in the moment; however, it damages our environment. Trash doesn’t seem to just ‘disintegrate.’ It gets blown away somewhere and begins to pile up amongst one another. By committing the act of littering, it pollutes our environment and affects our health. With much garbage around, it creates an unhygienic environment as its clashed with our air and water.


If students took responsibility of their trash, our schools custodians would have one less place to worry about. Simply thinking, “it doesn’t matter if I toss this out in the open if the janitor is going to clean it up,” displays an act of ignorance. School custodians already have enough to focus about such as cleaning the lunchroom, bathrooms, classrooms, hallways, and pretty the whole school. The student parking lot is a place that depicts students responsibility as they have gain a car to look after and not crash other vehicles. The parking lot is in control of the students as they choose where to park and where they decide to pick up after themselves.


By having enormous amounts of fast food litter, it reflects our schools community such as not being able to pick up after ourselves. The student parking lot deems one as an individual. Students are aware that it’s their duty to clean up after themselves within their classrooms and the lunch room. Shouldn’t that be the same for the parking lot as well?

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