Senior Farewells

Ana Saia, Writer

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High school is full of grueling tests and strong friendships that stay with students for a lifetime. After four years of many unique memories, the senior graduating class of 2019 are saying their final goodbyes.


“Senior year flew by so quickly and I enjoyed it so much,” said senior, Jaden Le. He found himself reflecting on all that he has retained from high school and is now ready for the road ahead. The last few months of Le’s highschool were nothing but good times with friends and family. This fall he will be attending the University of Utah while majoring in biology.


“Stack your resume with activities that take a lot of time,” said senior, Audrey Dunn. Dunn has been in many activities at D.O. including orchestra, soccer, MU alpha theta, and varsity quiz. She will be continuing her academic career at the University of California Los Angeles while majoring in astrophysics.


“These moments are only a fraction of your life, but it will truly be the best moments of your childhood,” commented senior, Jeanette Tiu. Throughout Tiu’s high school career, she has formed newer and stronger bonds with some of the best people she has come to know. Tiu advises to enjoy the smaller moments and take every opportunity that falls into one’s hand. In the fall she will be continuing her education at the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) while majoring in biology.


“You learn who your real friends are and it might take some time, but eventually you will find those who you can be your true self around,” said senior, Taylor Hill. Since Hill moved from an out-of-state school earlier this year, she is waiting until she is eligible for instate tuition to be able to attend college. Hill plans on spending her next year working while saving money so that she can experience all that life has to offer until attending college.


“Do your work and understand who you actually are,” said senior, Savannah Schaffer. After the past four years she has learned that school and life will be easier when people pay attention in class and do their assignments. Schaffer will be attending UNLV while majoring in secondary education and minoring in business. “Know what you enjoy and what you want to be involved in and never let anyone dim your light. Never lose sight of your dream,” said Schaffer.

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