Choirs Spring Concert Is A Goodbye For Seniors

Tiffany Pugh, Writer

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On May 9th, choir hosted their last concert of the year. The theme was “Songs of the Decades” with all of the best hits any age can sing or dance along to. Without a doubt, the choir students have dedicated many hours and endless rehearsals as this is is not only the last concert of the year but as well as the last high school concert for fellow seniors.


“I definitely enjoy having those big moments where we hold really nice chords.” Conner Nicholas a senior, reminiscing past choir experiences, “Your hair starts standing on your neck or standing up on your arms, and you’re just like that was the one that we’ve been working for the entire year.”


Nicholas and many other seniors in choir can agree their involvement with the class has impacted them greatly. Nicholas and another senior, CJ Miller, explained that they are taking choir towards a more professional route after graduating and going to college and major in the musical arts.


“You need to be prepared every day when you come in. You need to study everything at home and come in prepared for both tests and rehearsals,” Miller stated as he expresses the hard work that is required for the class. On the other end of the spectrum, choir doesn’t only lead you to academic success, but it teaches you mental and emotional contact with their other choir peers. 


Overall all the choir students have dedicated much work into this year performance after performance as it was displayed at the spring concert. Of course, the seniors of 2019 will be truly missed, but their experience and knowledge will be passed down to future classes in the hopes of leading them to success.

“You should always continue working to be better than you are – nothing is gonna be perfect, but you should always perfect it as much as you can,” Nicolas gladly stated. 


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