The Rockiest Year Of High School

Evelyn Garcia, Writer

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I was told most of my high school career that junior year would be the most challenging of the four. I can say that all the people who told me that was correct as it was very challenging but not totally impossible. The key is to simply stay focused and organized.


The thing that was really difficult to do was to try not to get in your own head. Having confidence in yourself is the most important thing you can do. Mid-way through the year it will get overwhelming for most people, especially if you have honors or AP classes. It is important to not let it get the best of you as that is the biggest issue. Letting the overload of work of homework and studying for tests gets the best of you. When worst comes to worst and you are not aware of where to start first, start with the hardest subject. It’s best to start off with what you don’t know and get your brain working and leave the easier work for last.


The one thing that knocks almost anyone back is not prioritizing. When you let work pile up, it is one of the most stressful things to put yourself through. This is the time when you get your first job, your first car, and many other responsibilities. You are in other words, coming of age. I can’t stress this enough, but staying on top of your assignments will help you overall with your time management which will most definitely come into play when it’s time to study for tests. Once you let one test slip and bring your grade down it is so hard to bring it back up, you need to spend extra time, that you do not have, to try and get that grade up. Then focusing so much on the one bad grade will just end up bringing down the rest of them.


The most stressful thing that comes with being a junior is taking the ACT. If you are not planning on going to college than you may not really care about this, but if you are, you are already aware this test can make or break you. Your score depends on where you would hope to attend college. The best thing you can do is start studying as soon as possible because you need to understand where you’re lacking and where your strengths are in every subject. The test difficulty ranges differently for everyone, but nevertheless should you not study for it. Of course, there are those who are able to strike lucky the first time and accomplish their desired score, but for the rest of us, it’s typical to become overwhelmed with standard testing as its much pressure on your shoulders potentially causing an effect on your score.


In order to defeat these standardized tests, you must be aware of the time. These tests are not your best friend if you are a slow test taker. If you want to be prepared for the upcoming date of the dreadful test, you must practice practice practice! Within this time period, we have every resource available to our disposable. You can find endless practice tests online, guide videos, practice books, and even ACT boot camps.


Junior year is indeed different amongst everyone by depending on what classes you enroll, clubs you join, and sports you play; however, this is the year colleges dig into the most. If you want to be known as an outstanding student, this is the year you need to dedicate much effort into.  As long as you try your hardest and never let the pressure cloud what you are truly capable of, you will succeed.


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