Cafeteria gets a little more cramped

The admin team closes a section of school during lunches

Kylie Grullon, Staff Writer

The corridor to the athletic wing is now closed during both lunches. The change took place two weeks ago in order to prevent students from sneaking out.

“It is to help them not ditch and leave campus because it is against the rules. It’s a small change but improvements are showing” says Ms. Thomas, a hall monitor here at DO.

Ms. Thomas will scan the students badges who want to leave to see what class they are supposed to be in and prevent them from leaving if they are not supposed to.

So far the closed up area has decreased ditching rates, but the lunch space is now more crowded than it was before.

“It is definitely overcrowded, its kind of a headache,” Ms. Thomas said. “I feel like maybe if we had more space this system would work better.”

The little area was enough to keep students spaced out since they are all closed in. Now, walking anywhere during lunch is frustrating and several students describe constantly being bumped into during the 30 minutes

To come up with a solution, administration is thinking of opening up spaces for students to breathe from the packed building. One idea that is being thought about is opening the back porch which will provide plenty of space or let students go outside on one side of the building.”

As of now though students will have to adjust to this new space change until further notice, as the school will continue on with this system.