Buy Now, Save More!

Staesha Tadeo-Corpuz and Byron Raymundo

Confidence. That is is the tone of this years spectacular yearbook, going for only $80 right now. 523 yearbooks sold and counting, get yours now because the prices of the yearbooks are rising as the school year progresses.

“December through January 26th, they’re going to be raising to $85. And then January 27th to March 28th, they are $90,” Editor-In-Chief, Heather said.

Buying yearbooks this year is a different than previous years as it is only sold online. The yearbooks are being sold now and is going to be on sale for the rest of the year.

“You have to go to, that’s how you can get it. You have to use card, it’s not like going to the banker anymore,” Heather said.