Bowling brings a new frame of mind

Eli Calandra, Writer

With winter quickly approaching, the new season of sports is about to begin.  Desert Oasis’s bowling team had their tryouts on Monday and Tuesday of this week and are looking forward to the upcoming season.

“We want to go further into state this year past the 3rd round, we have some new key pieces that we are excited about,” senior captain Jazmyne Compehos said.

Last year the girls state champion was Basic High School and this year Compehos and her teammates are confident about their chances against the defending champions.

“Our competition is Basic and Vista, and I think we have a good chance against them, because of all the time we will be putting in. ” Compehos said.

The bowling season begins December 3rd. They are very hopeful this year after coming short of their goals last year, but they are more than ready to win this year.