The Mouse Trap Play

Keira Glass and Aliah Alvarez

The second production from the theater program is all set. Starting on December 4th through December 7th, The Mousetrap play will be performed inside the theater. Showtime starts at 6pm each night with a matinee on December 7th, and tickets to attend are 7$ for students and 10$ for parents.

The play was written by Agatha Christie and was first performed in 1952.  It became one of the longest-running and most successful plays in London. The play is takes place around a scandalous murder in London around the late 1950’s after World War II.

“It’s going to be a fun murder mystery,” Alexander Tolentino, who plays Giles Ralston in the play, said.

Giles Ralston having a mysterious past visited London on the day of Mrs. Stanning’s murder. Oddly enough, he’s seen to wear similar clothes to the murder suspect creating a further suspicion.

To get into the mindset of his character, Tolentino said he has to consider all aspects of the character and his past. Even if he doesn’t show the whole affection of Giles, he still has to change his timing and reactions to the play.

An exciting play to act out, and definitely different from most of the showings. The Mouse Trap will rise suspense, shocking the audience.