It’s that time of the year…to be Silent

Ann-ya Cunanan and Madison Addeo

This season’s silent night basketball game is on Wednesday against Silverado High School. The “silent night”  game is where attend the game in all sorts of costumes.

“This game is typically celebrated in December, close to the Holiday season,” Student Council adviser Ms. Mary McInturf said.

The premise of this game is to stay completely silent until your team scores 10 points. It is just a fun way to watch a basketball game.  This game was inspired by the silent night game of Taylor University.

“We give prizes for best costumes during the game as well as close to the end of the game,” Ms. McInturf stated.

If it’s your first time going to the game, you can expect a fun filled and loud experience. The ladies will play at 5pm and the boys will follow at 6:30pm.