DO Guitar Quartet Wins No. 1 in Best In Southern Nevada Audition

Abbey Steinman, Editor In Chief

Last Saturday, December 7th, DO Guitar quartet Michael Podolsky, Justin Estella, Paul Eakens, and Ethan Kiesel won first place for their audition for Best In Southern Nevada. This competition is known to be dominated by Las Vegas Academy, however, through the hard work of our guitar quartet, they were able to represent DO and set new ideals and goals for our guitar program.

Best In Southern Nevada is a guitar concert that consists of the best players from solos, duets, triplets, quartets, etc. from all around the district. Students must pick and practice their own piece, preforming it to the best of their ability to be ranked school wise and whether or not they’re able to preform at the show itself. They are judged on hand in front of two judges. By the end of the night, students will either hit or miss their audition.

“It was really surprising that in an LVA based competition, when they usually win, our school not only placed top three but actually won first place for the first time. I got so excited and freaked out. We’re also all very proud of each other, and we couldn’t have done it without each other,” Michael Podolsky happily expressed.

With a bunch of students auditioning, the judges only pick the top three to preform. This is one of the most high stakes competitions for guitar. Of course, the audition itself is nerve racking.

“It’s a great feeling, you know. We knew we were facing great competition and to be just high up there is insane. I was shocked that we even made it because everyone else played ridiculously amazing. With our school being, I guess an ‘underdog,’ it was overwhelming.  I thought we would be placed fourth. All we can hope is to do this good again next year, ” Justin quoted.