Another Threat, More Absences

Kyle Muna and Julian Romo

This is one of the photos that was shared over social media constantly. However, as a result of so much sharing, the primary source is unknown.

Due to the threat made this past Thursday, more than 20% of the student body decided not to attend school today. The threat stated “Don’t come to school on Monday unless you want to get shot.”  The message found in the stall of a girls restroom last Thursday had been investigated by the administration and law enforcement and they found it as “non-credible.”

However, since a picture was taken and posted on social media, it gained attention over the weekend as the post continued to spread across social media platforms.  This caused the admin team to send a Parentlink message on Monday morning alerting parents of the threat so they knew the school was aware and handling the situation.

 With the  popularity of social media, students need to be careful with what they say and post as it may be made available to a larger audience than intended. A majority of teachers saw a dramatic drop in attendance with several citing well over double digit absences in every period. While the school, along with most CCSD schools, has a  history of threats being made in the past, this example again shows the importance of staying alert and informing the proper outlets of any possible situation, such as administration or law enforcement, instead of just passing it on through social media.