Behind the Mask

Kylie Grullon, Writer

What do you get out of judging someone? People will only end up judging you for judging someone else and it just becomes a circle of hypocrisy. What is the reason that people judge? Out of jealousy? Hate? Love? There are so many ways that judging is interpreted.
Here are two simple examples: You can judge a homeless man for being poor and smelly. You can judge them because they turned their life to complete waste, using drugs and alcohol, only bank-robbing themselves into an unsatisfactory lifestyle. You can judge a stripper because she is a dirty mistress that hooks up with any man for a few bucks.
All of these low social status in society’s eyes is what we show examples of where we don’t want to end up in life. But really from that “bad” personal point of view, it is the only way of life that they have.
An option you can give a homeless man that you see on the street could be that he lost all his money for a loved one. What if his mom was dying in the hospital and he gave everything he had to save her, his last struggling penny. But clearly, it all went to waste in the end. So it’s kind of what we get for giving out our hearts to the people we love, if we’re unlucky, we just end up worse in the end. But maybe if you think of it universally, this could have been his karma right? Everything bad he’s done in life or going off a small chance of hope, this could only be the beginning of the best life he will ever have. As the saying goes “coming out of the dumps,” but that’s rare for people in poverty. In reality, this homeless man has no home, no money, scarce food, and nonsecure shelter. No one will put his eye out for him.
Now for the hooker of a woman mentioned earlier. Yes, she dances on poles, gives married men their guilty pleasures and relief. From the crazy housewife who is only just human in the end getting her heart stabbed horribly. But that is the cheating husband’s pitty, none of our concern.
This woman’s backstory has an endless amount of possibilities. She could have been taken upon the wrong hands as a young girl. She has no idea about life and the outside world, she has never felt the love coming from another person. Just the useless demons taking pieces of her soul, as she has no escape to this. Temptations that crawl around from God’s creation yet they become the devil’s puppet(not to get religious). This woman could have been abandoned by a man, left with a family and no support, stripping is only an option. Maybe she’s a great girl but comes out at night to pay off and finish school.
This shows the amount of power that our dreams have and how they guide us to a path for life. If that woman may have never wanted to reach her full potential, maybe she wouldn’t be there right now, seducing for a living. She could have chosen a simple life, but sometimes there is no other way of life. In another instance, this woman knows exactly what she is doing, it is her body at the end of the day. And there are two different types of ways to categorize these females, the rich professional pole dancers or the cheap raggedy strippers. Now in the eyes of society, the last option is all they will ever be.
Now when we see those kinds of people, our minds either go good or bad. And for the ignorant ones, they say snappy unnecessary remarks.
But what do you get out of judging somebody? Making a rude comment. This doesn’t ruin your day nor does it make it any better. This doesn’t affect the relationships you have, it doesn’t affect your mom or dad, but why do you let it get you?
It’s never okay to be selfish to someone when you could be doing worse. It could always be worse.
Don’t judge anyone. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. As cliche as it sounds, you never know someone else’s story. You never know what someone else is going through.
At the end of the day you won’t even find yourself thinking twice about the judgemental thoughts you had, so why even bring it up in the first place?
Yes, I’d be lying if I said no one in this world judges, because we all have, even myself. It’s just what our mind does to us whether we like it or not. As long as you do not show it and keep that mediocracy away from your heart.
All in all, mind your own business.