The One Where Netflix Removed It

Arianna Leuer

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They might have always been there for you, but they might not be any longer. As the new year has approached, Netflix no longer holds possession over the iconic 90’s sitcom Friends.

According to sources Netflix payed approximately $80 to $100 million just to keep the show streaming in 2019. They then lost a bidding war against WarnerMedia, who agreed to pay $85 million for a total of five years. The show will now be streaming on HBO Max. It is a new streaming service that won’t be launched until May of this year.

For those still wanting their Friends fix, there is always regular television, as in cable. I used to see some random episodes pop up on there, but honestly I feel like most people enjoyed watching the episodes at their leisure on streaming services.

It makes sense that WarnerMedia is now going to be streaming the show on HBO Max; these kinds of streaming services are growing more popular. Television productions are now in a race to have the next best streaming service. Does this potentially mean cable will become obsolete?

It may be a good idea for corporations to continue building their TV productions separately for profit purposes, but as a fellow “Friends” binge watcher, I’m not benefiting from the situation. In fact, I all ready miss “Friends” being there for me on a school night at 9 p.m. and on the weekends if I watch a sad or even scary movie. So as a last resort, I guess I’ll just have to invest in some good old “Friends” DVDs or wait do those not exist anymore either.