“YOU” gotta watch this again

Keira Glass, Writer

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The new season of the Netflix show called YOU has recently been under the spot light grabbing the attention of many people. The 2 season show dropped its first episode on September 9th, 2018. 92% of watches loved the show claiming it’s a must watch. This thriller generated show contains many more factors like drama and romance that impacts the shows suspense. 

The story of how Joe Goldberg faces internal challenges on his known ability to do dark things and focusing on his troubled past while he tries to make a future, takes us all on a roller coaster ride. Joe first journey starts in in New York as he falls head over heels for Guinevere Beck and become highly obsessed with her…speaking literally. Joe goes through challenge after challenge to find love and do anything at all in order to make life with them perfect.

Leaving New York after many things going wrong, Joe tries again at his new life by looking for love again and changing himself for the better. His past tends to follow him giving him trouble as he tries to be happy. Taking care of things his way, he digs bigger holes for himself to fill, realizing in the end he isn’t alone for his search was over..?