No More Deans

McKenna Bishop and Felix Ly

Desert Oasis no longer has deans with the start of the new semester. The change comes from CCSD superintendent Dr. Jesús Jara’s decision to eliminate deans from secondary schools across the district.

Schools had the option to keep deans for the first or both semesters of the 2019-2020 school year or eliminate them at the start. Desert Oasis chose to get rid of the deans with the start of the new semester.

Mr. Randy Minich, a former dean, now works at Durango High School while the other former dean Mr. Brad Leimbach is now an assistant principal still at Desert Oasis.

The school has transitioned from deans to assistant principals focusing on a specific department. Currently Desert Oasis has seven assistant principals. All of them are sharing the responsibilities of discipline by handling the issues within the department they supervise.